How to dream with PLATO - Drafting How to

Dreams with the PLATO project are not about shadows on the wall, but about how to realize your project ideas. To do so we employ a community crowdfunding system.
You get access to this system via your membership or ticket.
Once you have access to the Dreams platform you can do two amazing things:

  1. Touch other Dreams: You can vote for the dream of other an thuss allocate funds to them. You can also give constructive feedback and encouraging comments.
  2. Create your own Dream: You can set up and publish your own dream to get help, feedback and funds from the community.

Creating your own dream for the Blivande Festival is an easy 4 step process:

  1. Getting access: Get your ticket or membership (if you do not already have it)
    (@hugi…who gets access to dreams? Only festival tickets holders? Blivande members?)
  2. Getting to the Dreams platform: Go to :slight_smile:
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your email address
  • Check your email account for your “magic link” click it and enter the name you want to have on the platform.
  1. Setting up your Dream :
  • Click “create dream”
  • Fill in the “Dream Form”. It will offer you to fill in the following (if you do not already have all of that figured out, don’t worry, you can edit your dream later on) :
    • Titel
    • 1-sentence summary
    • Upload Images to illustrate your Dream
    • A Description of your idea/Dream/project
    • A minimal and maximal funding goal
    • You can fill in specific budget items
  • Click “save”
  • Is your Dream ready to be shared with others? Note that dreams are always work in progress, so you do not have to have everything polished to 100% before you share it, however, try to put yourself in “not your shoes”. Can somebody else understand what you want to do with the information you are providing? If yes, click “publish” in the upper right corner of your form.
  1. You are a Dreamer!
  • Click on “Frihamnstorget 2020” on the upper left side to get to the Dream overview.
  • admire, favourite and comment on the existing dreams
  • Or create another Dream by clicking "create dream"
  1. Set the tone
  • Make the first comment on your dream to indicate what types of feedback and help you are looking for.

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@jakobskote, can we maybe use this to replace the loreipsum for now?

@hugi, where I am searching for that post where you put the screenshots from when we had the meeting with gustav and jakob to craft the copy draft for the first entry side of the dreams there? Even if it is not perfect we need to replace the lore ipsum before the tuesday event.

Yes, for now it’s definitely better than the lorem ipsum. However, we are planning for the information on the event “front page” to be less “instructional” and more fun and inspiring, and for the more instructional text like this one to instead be available on an about page. For example, like how the old text for Borderland Dreams was:

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absolutely, and that needs to be properly drafted together and checked with the frihamnstorget team :).

Can not find the thread where we wanted to develop that, do you remember the titel?

Though perhaps with language that doesn’t sound as much as a 15 year old wrote it :laughing:

fair enough

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