Hosting a pow-wow about Frihamnstorget?

Time flies and spring is just around the corner!

As this is our pilot project year for Frihamnstorget (make or break!) it’s very important that we manage to make something happen this year to bring life and people to the place. Parties, festivals, concerts, markets, art exhibitions and what have you… Whatever we dream of and can make happen together and/or with others!

But… as it stands right now the only thing currently scheduled for this whole summer season is a project Joannis, Ben and I are planning which is called Output Festival. A one day minimal techno festival featuring some international artists. Basically a daytime party at FT followed by a full night party indoors at Blivande. It will go down on July 11th, so just before BL. Simon, Frida and Maria are already involved and hopefully more of you will decide to join in as well! A great topic for another discussion…

The thing I want to discuss here and now is how we can make sure to get off to a flying start at Frihamnstorget with plenty of things happening all through the spring and summer. And how to do so without breaking ourselves from sheer exhaustion and over-commitment.

I don’t have the answer to these questions, and I never will. It simply requires many more minds and bodies than I possess. Hence the need to gather up and start talking. We need (I believe) some kind of call to action for Frihamnstorget as it stands today.

We need to find and connect with people, groups, companies and organizations that want to make use of it for a day or a week, whatever, with us as caretakers, gatekeepers, curators and enablers of the whole shabang. And we should start this process sooner rather than later. I suggest a sort of “town meeting” for Frihamnstorget, hosted at Blivande, no later than a month from now, so mid March.

Or what do you think folks?

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Yes! Bob and I would love to create mini Secret experience events (twisted food and drink experiences) in connection to other things that is going on in the square. We are so open to collaborate and expand our concept to play with you and be apart of bigger things.

I also have connections to the people who are doing the Supermarket art fair every year. Would love to check in with them and see if they get turned on by our space.

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Låt oss ses. Bra ide. Åkterkoppla när.
Vi kan berätta vad BAM maze-project har i kikaren för våren och vad vi kan bidra med.

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Great and important initiative Hampus!
Like you said, sooner then later!
I already have a couple of ideas regarding a “priority discussion” or what we shall call it…
I always finds it hard to express myself in the written word so please grab me in the corridors and I can explain my questions and ideas. And then we can lift them up for a discussion later at the meeting (as well as in the thread!) :heart:

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Great to see everyone’s enthusiasm!
I’ll create a Doodle so we can find an ideal date for the meeting. Don’t hesitate to stop and talk to me about this in the corridors in the meantime!