Horse Race Track at Tau at the Mumimaa party

Hey Everyone (especially we at Tau!)

Me and Frida had this though to build a horse-race-track at the mumimaa party.

We bought this mechanical toy horse…
it’s like a horse-cycle… (very very weird…)
We thought there would be a great compliment to the dance to offer some horse race challenge and want to ask you if it’s okay with you if we open up the door to Tau?
By covering the opening between Maria’s door and the wood-room door with play wood we prevent people to access the tau shops.
Our idea was that we split the mounting room in half. And the race track goes from the plateau outside Maria’s wall, through the corridor down to the mounting room, a circle and back… (Off course with a läktare for the audience) And maybe with psycadelic walls made of Mike the man!

If it’s okay with you it means the mounting room will be special decorated from Saturday 23/11 6pm to Sunday 24/11 6pm and hard to use for jobs.

Would that be okay with you guys?

Ofcourse we cover the walls and all our stuff so no one can fibble around with your/our stuff!

Simon & Frida with co creators! :slight_smile:


Cool and fun! Some responsibility stuff to figure out though. :slight_smile:

I think @jonasjohansson, @MariaEuler, and @asapienza need to be asked for advice. It would also be good to check in with some other Tau members for reference, for example if @Ollxor has any points to make. It’s also a matter of how to protect the private stuff kept in there, by for example Anna and Katarina. I know that @asapienza is working with some fragile stuff at the moment, so we would have to find a solution that everyone feels safe and secure with. Ideas?

I would need to pick up and bring back some materials on the Sunday the 24th. If I coud I do that through the room with the door to the parking lot than that’s fine

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Sounds fantastic, go for it :slight_smile:

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Most important thing is then to reach out and clear this with @asapienza. Not sure if she checks in on the forum regularly.

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Hi! My plan is to split the mounting room in half (the way mike did while building his plywood walls) and cover the side with the shelves (to protect Pietro’s, Katarinas materials/artworks etc… Also cover the right side of the corridor…
That mean Anna’s desk and work will be totally secure. (No one will have access to that part of the room). Look at my architect sketch work!

Hmmm? Is there anyway to add a picture?


I will also create a solution to prevent people to use the back door (without blocking the emergency exit)
No strangers in the Tau workshops, Annas stuff protected, Katarina, Pietros and Mikes stuff protected…
(But still a psyco-pony-race-track for the party…)


well… The “back-door” at the building…

Dear Simon,

Sounds good! Thank you for thinking of this.

Kind regards,

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