Hi, and also - dog policy


hi all, i’m a new beta member who moved in today. looking forward to meet you all eventually.

i have a first question for the community, regarding dogs. i’ve got a corgi and a pug, and am on dog duty a couple of days per months. do we have a policy? is anyone allergic or dislike dogs? i’m very flexible and open for any suggestions.


So nice to see you here Peder!

As opposed to the vibrant forum for Tau this one has been very inactive thus far. There are of course good reasons for that as there are much less open questions and decisions to deal with here, but still I’m unsure as to how many Beta members are registered and reading here. In any case it’s a great first practical topic to engage with. I’ll make sure to ping members also on email with a link to this thread.

My take on it is that such small dogs shouldn’t pose any problems as long as no one is very allergic. I guess the amount of hair they drop on average could be a factor here as well?

We could also designate certain rooms as being dog-free, and spontaneously one idea would be to make the blue room such a room, given the presence of sofas and the carpets there and also the fact that that is the room where most people will interact and overlap.

What’s your own experience in these matters? How have you solved it previously in other places?


good input hampus!

in my old office i used to bring them in 1-2 days per month. we designated a dog-free room for visiting clients and allergic employees, and these people didn’t have any reactions.

in this case it should maybe be the other way around, designating one room as a potential dog-zone. preferably a room that is easy to clean.

reasonable dogs are, in my experience, a welcome addition to the office environment, and as long as their humans are reasonable too this works really well. unreasonable people bringing unreasonable things to work will always be a problem.

i believe the reason some places have a no-dog policy is that it’s hard to draw a line for which dogs are ok and which ones are not. one cute yorkshire terrier is of course not an issue for most people - but a herd of wild wolves may be, and the wolf owner may be hard to handle.


Yes, we’re clearly thinking the same way here!

The meeting room (The Sheep Room) should be a dog-free zone given that it’s more of a public room with regular visitors.

The Safe Room (white walls, lots of plants and the big map) is a quiet room for focused work so any dogs in there should be of the calm type that doesn’t require much attention and are OK with just lying under a desk. Basically I think we’ll have to go by a case-by-base individual basis since dogs, like humans, come in all different flavors. 1-2 days per month shouldn’t be a problem at all in my mind, awaiting further input from the larger group. The only issue I can foresee is if we have a super allergic person already in our group.

Downstairs we already have a dog (Bruce) that is frequently visiting all rooms except for the Node room (with the soft floor and green piano).


this guy is giving it a go today in the blue room.
i’ll try my best keeping him off the sofas.
his name is taco.

let me know if he bothers you or if you have any problems whatsoever. i want to know if that’s the case. feel free to pet him.


Hey Taco!
Welcome to the house, I hope you like it here and that you will be back soon so I get to meet you.