👋 Hello - We want to build a container mirror box

Hi guys! :wave: I’m aiina, an artist, digital designer, burner and regular attendee at the Freeflow event at Noden where I’m also a member.

I’m collaborating with an artist colleague (Jonas) in Switzerland, and in October 2019 we built an installation called “Mirror Box” at the Metamodern Arts Festival i Kiev. A box internally covered with mirrors, showcased in the form of an immersive experience. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the box out of Ukraine due to the crazy transportation costs.

Looked like this:

Therefore we’re right now looking into how to build the Mirror Box 2.0, in a space where the box could be somewhat “permanent”. After an idea planted in my head by @jakobskote, me and Jonas started to look into the possibilities of creating the installation inside of a container - and right now we’re really optimistic about this.

We would really love our artwork to be more of a communal space, that could be used by the community around Blivande for workshops, public events, container mini-raves or wherever your imagination takes you! We want the box to come to life and not being some temporarily object in a gallery. We would love to build a container version of the box at Frihamnstorget!

I’ve read most of the info about the Frihamnstorget project and hope that someone could point me in the right direction from here to get things rolling! We hope you like our idea and looking forward to get involved in this great project!


Great stuff and welcome to the forum aiina!

Cool project!

I love the infinity box/mirror effect and have been wanting to work with it for many years now. Had plans for the dance floor at the old Node to be an “infinity box” but never came around to making it happen (pretty expensive!). Still harbor some ideas of doing it in a room inside Blivande. Maybe a toilet to begin with?

Would be great to see it happen also at Frihamnstorget.
Some quick questions:

  • How would the space be used generally speaking?
    (As with most things with Frihamnstorget the more uses/purposes a certain space can have the better (with some exceptions).
  • Have you secured budget for this already?
  • Would it be a year around (insulated) space?
  • Are you planning to use real mirrors or acrylic plastic mirrors?
  • What’s your particular twist to it?
    (After Yayoi Kusama made it famous many decades ago there’s been been many variations so curious to know what your flavor would be.)


@aras.se and @Thedodod have done a related project I know with a small coffee table that used the infinity mirror effect as its main expression (using one-way mirror film).


Infinity mirrors are cool. Now add sound/movement reactive LED’s into this and you have a propper Hippe Trap =)

This sounds amazing! Welcome!! Looking forward to following the process :slight_smile:

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Nice to see you back here on the forum @Bjorn!

Do it! <3
Some inspo from our “project”, as you can see using the mirror film leaves some bubbles/artifacts on the glass from dust but it works and is a much cheeper option.


Hello guys, hello Hampus, Jonas here.

I’m the other part of the artist-duo. I’m going to try and answer the questions that came up, I hope it’s understandable what we want to express.

First of all, let me address the last question posed by Hampus:

As far as we are concerned, we do a specific fusion of interactive art, participatory art and happenings.
So to answer the question indirectly: what makes this project unique is not necessarily the object, but the type of interaction it is used for.

The general idea is to create a room that people can use freely. What is most interesting to us will be how people will interact with the container, with it’s visual effects. Everything else is secondary. While we certainly plan to do some happenings there ourselves, it’s not the idea that we use that space, or give rules to obey. The most difficult part of this, to the two of us, is to see what was done.
We were thinking about either a guestbook that could be filled out; or a videocamera or photocamera that get into action when something happens in the container.

We want it to be descided by the community of blivande, which observation methode will be chosen.

We would love for it to be integrated into the general space, whatever that means. Again, this would be up to you to descide. The closer to the daily hotspot, the better.

Because of this, we would also need to know what container could be placed. (The measurements)
We would want to do let it be accessable all year round though.
(I hope that with this and the first answer, the “general use”-question was answered aswell)

The budged depends on the size of the container. But we plan to apply for an art-grant to cover all of the costs, excluding electricity, if that answers the question.

We plan to use either acrylic plastic mirrors, or mirror-foil. But we will build it so that it can be exchanged easily. Meaning: There will be the possibility to exchange from foil to acrylic.

The infinity-mirror looks amazing, but most probably, we will use regular mirrors first. The option to change it to infinity-mirrors will be there, but we feel as if a lot of interaction with your own reflection will be lost because of it.

We would be glad for your thoughts/opinions/answers on our questions for the blivande-community.
Also, if you have any other questions, ask away!

Greetings and hugs, Jonas


I think that if stuff is big enough for you to enter it, the need for spy mirror to create an infinity mirror sort of goes away. And being inside a infinity cube is infinite cooler then looking into it!


I’m curious if this project might still be happening? :slight_smile:

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Hello @hugi and everyone else! Yes we would still love to do this project at Frihamnstorget!
Things been a bit delayed due to the famous Covid-19, but we’re still on track!

Right now we’re making a more proper project plan and budget. We’ve got offers from some firms regarding high gloss stainless steel, which we are going to use to create the mirrors for the “Mirror Box”.

:round_pushpin: We have some questions regarding placement - how do one get involved in this process? I know it’s happening a lot down there lately (:unicorn:), and maybe the place is getting crowded already? How can we choose, be granted or somehow get a spot at the square?

:file_cabinet: We also how a general question about containers. I read you have some kind of collaboration with Containertjänst and I checked our the prices for a second hand container on their website, and I wonder if you have some other deal with them or some connection to them which we can use to get an offer?

As soon as we have our project plan ready we’ll post it here so anyone can read, and then we’ll start search for funding to make this dream a reality! :low_brightness:


It would also be great to know whether you have some building-equipment available at the site.
We would need a welding-machine and a drill able to handle metal (basically, we are looking for hardened drillbits).

Great to hear from you all again, great effort you do atm!

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Hey guys!
Great to read your update, excitedto see more about what you come up with.

The placements are mainly a question of collaboration and communication with the existing initiatives, so it works for everyone already at the square and also keeping within the zone we rent so far.

There are some equipment at the square, @elch and/or @Thedodod would be the ones to ask about this!

To my knowledge there is no specific deal with containertjänst, but maybe @hampus knows more about this.

@aiinaaion and @BlueBrain - do you think you’d be able to make it to this planning event? It’s probably a good opportunity to start working on it!

That’s awesome, thank you for the invite. :partying_face: @BlueBrain lives in Switzerland but I will most probably be there!

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Containertjänst has now moved out from Frihamnen so most of the benefits of working with them specifically are no longer there in practice. They still have some containers lingering there that could probably be bought at a discount (saving them the effort of moving them longer distances). But you would have to be prepared to buy them relatively soon then (within 2-4 weeks max I would guess).

Cool idea! Tell me if you need anything