Hej hej:) My name is yuri

Nice to meet you! My name is Yuri Lee.
I am happy to be a member of Blivande & Tau.
I live in Norra DjurgårdenStaden:)
I graduated from Music College and finished my Master of Performing Arts.
I will practice piano during the day :slight_smile: If you need me, please come down the stairs!!
I can cooperate in music performance lectures, music theory education, performing arts or researcher etc. Have a good day!


Welcome Yuri!

I would love to see more music related events in the house, especially workshops and courses. Have been wanting to get an online course in music theory for some time now. Maybe we can work something out?

Check out this thread to see what other people in the house have been up to previous to becoming members.


Cool, me too! :slight_smile: I live on Lövängsgatan, and usually walk to Blivande though it takes 30 minutes. Great exercise!

Welcome to the house, and nice meeting you today!

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Music theory, would love some of that :heart:
Welcome Yuri! :rainbow:


Yeah im also interested !!Much love huge hug Wellcome welcome and a beautiful day too u from Simona

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