Having a Secret Experience in Frihamnstorget

The secret experience is a fairytale food project where we take people on a fine-dining exploration of food, drink and art.
Myself and Nina Lindberg are both working on the project full-time trying to manifest it into reality and want to explore some different location options from where we re currently building the venue in Trängsund.

The idea of building the venue in containers, where we would be free to tie them round the world is exciting to me, and a lot of it is driven by being excited to be around the workshop and people at tau, who are making art and creating day by day.

So we went to talk about the possibilities of being in frihamnenstorget.
I have contacted @hampus but wanted to post here for clarity/transparency, and let @hugi or @Linnea Know we want to chat


Great initiative, thanks for the post! Having experienced a version of this before, I really like this idea and I think there are plenty of possibilities. I think that a good first step to keep talking to Hampus, and then once you’ve reached a proposal for what you want to do, post it either here in the open group or in the closed Frihamnstorget group according to your preference. Really glad if I get to see you more around Frihamnstorget and Blivande!

See you tomorrow!

I met with an architect today who specifically asked me if I knew any artists working with food as a medium. I gave her your names and she will most likely reach out. @bobspeakman

Great if you get Nina to register here on the forum as well!