Hang (hammocks) in there

Just had an idea for a quick fix regarding the emptiness of the dome on Frihamnstorget, (and a google search shows of course that it has been done a lot ;))

How about sewing and building (…or just buying cheap on blocked) a bunch of hammocks for lying and sitting to hang into the dome? Could be easily removed when space is needed and otherwise provide coziness in the middle.

Or swings.

We could even try out having seats and table hanging swing set up.


But maybe that has already been considered and there are reasons against it or people are not interested or have better ideas. however, though I put this here and see how the feedback is :).


I quite like that! It creates a “room” at the square which is still partially covered. And I have though of the hammocks too, it would be epic to nap there in the afternoons. <3

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We did this (hanging chairs from the dome) at the inauguration event of Frihamnstorget in Sept 2019, using rented hanging furniture from SVT Rekvisita. Works quite well!

The issues I foresee with this is the maintenance/permanent aspect of it:

Really nice/expensive hammocks will have to be mounted and the dismounted every time after use, so it doesn’t really solve the issue of what the square is/can be in between active events. Stowing them away also takes up storage space of course (not necessarily a deal breaker, just pointing it out).

Permanent stuff that are not as sensitive to UV, rain and theft (wooden benches hanging in chains for example) are of course much less comfy. Maybe some kind of compromise can be found in a material that bridges the two aspects called for? I.e. usability vs comfort level.

To have permanent fixtures making it easy to quickly hang a nice hammock or two during events (or indeed for someone just wanting to take a nap at the square some afternoon) is of course not that hard to do and would be a nice addition!

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BTW there was also a Borderland project called “The Hammock Reactor” built by a bunch of burners from Austria that is basically exactly this idea. Some ideas and feedback could certainly by gained by talking to them.


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