Graffiti workshop

Hi everybody!
There has been some interest in having a graffiti workshop on one of the container walls.
We could have one designated side to be a sort of “open wall” that is free to paint over and practice on…
As the metal is quite wobbly, we could put up some panels and fix them to the container, in order to have a flat surface.
Who´s in?


Wondering which wall would be the best for something like this. Do you have an idea?

What about the container that is beside the abstract one, facing the house :):house:

That side is being painted by artist Amandus as we speak. See this thread.

The side facing towards the dome is still a possibility although I have been in touch with artist Daniel Zalewski about painting it.

An interesting aspect of keeping that side as as “open wall” is that we can have live painting on it during events. It’s also easy to gather around with a group of observers during a course setting.

Other possible sides to paint is the backside of the Space dome container (the blue one with the spacey woman on it already on the other side).

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