Getting the woodshop up n running

Hey all’y’all! We have made plans to get the woodshop at TAU up and running. Please have a look at them, and give us your input, so all opinions and suggestions are weighed in when we finalize the plans. So far, these are only our suggestions. Think about what would give you the best work flow and the nicest experience in the woodshop, and let us know. Also, if anybody happens to have woodworking skills and/or interest and want to participate in setting up the shop, please let us know!

• The separation wall between the entrance and the woodshop is torn down, which would give us an 8 meter (and a total of 25 sqm) long woodshop, surely big enuff to work long pieces, or to fit several projects simultaneously.

• One of the two inner doors is blocked off since it is no longer needed.

• Along the outer wall we suggest we build a long wooden workbench. It would have a trench for a chop saw and storage for tools and machines underneath (which would make them invisible from outside). The section that crosses the entrance is easily removed when needed, and the section to the far left is designated for hand tool work, so we’d make that section complete with a wooden vice and ‘dogs’ for holding the pieces.

• Mirror film (or similar) is mounted on the windows to retain the view whilst not automatically exposing all the expensive equipment to the outside world.

• To make the woodshop as versatile as possible, we suggest that all stationary machines are mounted onto individual carts on caster wheels. Thus they can be stored along the inner wall when not in use but easily be rolled out when needed. We want to invest in rollers with adjustable height to use as a poor man’s outfeed table to various machines.

• We also want to turn the area opposite the woodshop, by the door to the kitchen, into a storage place, where we can have individual carts on caster wheels for storing our personal materials while we’re not here. By building a shelfing system for longer materials above the carts we’d make good use of the space. This should be a communal area, and not only for the woodshop users.

• We suggest we invest in a combined jointer/thickness planer to complete the shop’s machine setup.

• Look into the possibility of finding an affordable stationery dust extraction system.

• We thought we’d start by brainstorming together before going into budgeting this thing, so such worldly issues will be dealt with once we know what we want to do, but let’s keep our suggestions somewhat realistic.

Anna & Jomi


Great plan. One feedback: there are alreaddy 5-6 storagerooms in Tau and what We don’t need is more closed Doors for even more storage. Is it possible to rearrange the aldrDdy extsting storagespaces/rooms to fit in?

Great Idea to make the workshop space bigger.
/ Frida

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Thanks for input! To me it does seem like we lack storage space, especially for the non-fixed members, but sure, other solutions are surely possible, bring 'em on folks!

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Agree to all except more space for personal items. I think we should have LESS space for personal items and storage as it tends to be left unattended for very long! Happy to help clear some stuff out, especially in April when my work season “ends” and Tau time begins :slight_smile:

+ More space
I love the idea of tearing down that one wall that goes into the entrance, if it’s doable.

  • Since it is now a real entrance (due to the key) I wonder if it would be disturbing however for those working? I am very much in favour of “more space”, so just putting it out there.
  • Also, would this mean that the entrance door is blocked? I love that I can enter without going through the main entrance, sometimes you just don’t want to cross several rooms and people to get to where you want to go. Having your “own” entrance, just feels right.

+ Mirror film
I think this sounds like a good idea, I mean, it’s hell’a annoying working with potentially dangerous equipment and having epic sunlight coming in. But the automatic window shutters maybe take care of that. I don’t remember. Either way, that sounds pretty good, would also reduce heat in summer.


Thanks Jomi

Space | Walls
My first reaction was the same as Jonas mentioned.
I have a concern about the woodshop colliding with the new entrance.
I see this as a risk for safety while working. Based on my experience of working in kitchens, where it is a general rule that you do not walk thru a running kitchen because people working with knives and hot oil. In the woodshop we have some dangerous tools that also makes a lot of noise. I think it would be hard to notice someone coming in our out of the house while working.

Would it be smarter to take out the wall to the other side, towards Simons domains instead? And to take down the wall in the entrance towards the mounting room?

Also to make a nice and tidy entrance.

Personal Storage

I think we need storage both for materials to work with in the woodshop (A container has been suggested) AND for personal stuff.

About ink, paint, general brushes and canvas. Would it be smarter for OUR space to buy in bulk on these items, and share them. Like we do with tools in the woodshop. (Sorry off topic, but in regad for creating more space, that would help a lot. Now there is a lot of personal stuff like that spreadout in our space)

For the personal stuff I suggest that we make it smart and at one place fore everyone. Like the lockers I school, but to fit our needs. To make it tidy and less like a garbage dump :wink:


I support this plan by @Jomi and @asapienza. It makes sense to me to extend the wood workshop into the current entrance area. Great work!


Thanks for input everyone. Seems the storage situation needs to be discussed and resolved, not only with regards to the woodshop. Some valid points about the shop colliding with the entrance were raised, too. Perhaps we oughta sit down and come up with a plan that tries to resolve these things…?

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I fully support this suggestion from Jomi and Anna! Long overdue.

I want to look into the storage option consisting of getting another 20’ container and parking it just outside the Tau main entrance to the left (when standing inside Tau looking out the door). Mentioned this idea to @Ollxor earlier today who liked it and also expressed an interest to rent a m3 of his own space in there.

This would cost Blivande between 700-950 kr/month (parking lot rent) + the initial cost of the container. It would solve all of our storage issues in one stroke as everything that does not need heated storage can be moved out. I’ll make a separate thread about it.

Others are using Tau much more than I am ATM but from my current perspective I don’t think it would be a big disturbance. The only issue would be that one wouldn’t be able to leave shoes and jackets in the room due to the dust build up there. But just walking through in your way in shouldn’t be an issue IMO.

@Jomi could you expand a bit on the preliminary thoughts with the collapsable tabletop in front of the main entrance to Tau? How does it collapse? Is it just a tabletop on loose supports (bockar) or is light weight and hinged onto the main door itself?

Furthermore there’s also the option to enter Tau through The Studio/Project room/Flex room. The switch hasn’t been executed yet but we have already bought an iLOQ cylinder that will be installed in the door between Tau and The Studio (let’s decide to call it that?).

Not possible since that’s Vinnss’ room.

We can’t really buy “consumables” like ink, pencils and canvases since these are very valuable to some members but completely useless to others. It wouldn’t be fair. Unlike shared tools and machines that are used by the majority and are beyond the private budgets of most to buy for themselves. A better system is what @jonasjohansson has created in the Electronics room where there is a little “shop” with stuff like good quality neopixel LED-strips that otherwise is tricky to find the right version of and that usually takes many weeks to get delivered from China.

If you or someone else would want to take the lead on creating a similar setup for paint, brushes, ink and canvases (in the mounting room or somewhere else) that would be great.

A storage container right outside would be plain awesome.
Regarding the workbench. Didnt make any detailed plans yet, since I wanted to have this discussion before, but I’m imagining a steady, robust, wall-mounted workbench on both sides of the entrance, and for the 1.2 meter collapsable section in front of the door I see two solutions: either the piece is hinged on the end of the workbench or it is a lose piece that fits in slots on both sides of the workbench sections, and can easily be put in place when needed.
I might add that most of the time, the collapsable piece won’t be needed, since the obvious choice when it comes to like 4.0-meter+ pieces is to cut them outside anyways.

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Hey all! I can agree with the point that there’s an issue having the entrance in a working shop. I do like the point that a door could be installed in the flex space - could we look into this? Overall the shop is currently too small to run varied goods through the table saw. If you were to run an eight foot piece of wood through the table saw, you would pretty much need to go outside, which makes setting-up more of a hassle and less likely. Meanwhile, the entrance is currently being used as a free for all storage space, and is not being well utilized.

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I also strongly believe that having a shop which furniture/fine finish carpenters could use would help boost membership. This would mean a bigger shop, a jointer/planer combo and perhaps, in the future, a lathe.


Awesome! Lets make it happen :slight_smile: Im up for helping with the build.

When it comes to storage i think we can orginise what we already have in better ways, plus add a container for cold storage. With more members doing more projects there will be need. Perhaps a pallet storage system in the container. I know Mikrofabriken uses that system.

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There is already a 120 cm door there, which all of you can lock/unlock with your new keys. :slight_smile:
Or we have talking about different flex spaces here? There is some naming confusion happening with all the different names and concepts involving the word flex. I’m specifically referring the The Flex Room, as in the big project room that will also be turned into a photo studio. As I’ve written elsewhere on the forum I think we should settle once and for all on a new name for it, either The Project Room or The Studio.

I wanted to mention that it’s really unpleasant to work when the sun is in your eyes, so it might make sense to have the workbench facing away from the sun. We could also add shades inside, but perhaps easier to just orient the bench so the sun is never a problem. The outdoor electric shades can’t be depended on since they can only go down in low wind.


Right. I have suggested mirror film or similar on the windows, which also prevents the equipment to be seen from the outside. But there are currently discussions on moving the woodshop altogether, and then the shop wouldn’t have that problem anymore… so it is all a bit of limbo right now…

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I don’t really see the benefits of moving the wood shop to either of the glass rooms adjacent to the Techno Temple. The whole point of placing it where it currently is located was to provide some air gaps and walls between it and the event/Node rooms to avoid noise pollution/disturbance. Which has worked quite well. The only noise that is currently a real issue assuming all doors are closed is repetitive hammering, which isn’t such a common thing to do.

Another negative with moving it there is that we don’t have access to 3 phase power there without further investments.

Will also feedback in meeting thread where the alternatives are presented.


I was a bit reluctant to a new location, and now that I have made the floor plans for it I fully agree with @hampus on this. Will upload them today so all can have a look.

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Hey everyone. Here are plans for what the woodshop could look like in its new proposed location, where the electronics room currently is.
I’m not proposing this solution. I basically agree with @hampus (who has posted about this above) that the woodshop should stay where it is now, albeit with a bunch of modifications. In addition to the reasons hampus gives, I also feel there is a great need in TAU to get this workshop up n running soon, and that the proposed rebuilding process surely would take months, if not more. Either way, we are not going to have a big woodshop, it will remain 25 sqm max, and working larger projects in there will be difficult no matter how well we plan it. The current location is much better, and takes a lot less prep to make suitable.
As you can see on the attached floor plan, doors would need to be widened to enable transport in n out of materials, we would have to being it thru the flexroom or the offices, regardless of what project is being done in there… That’s my take on it.


Aha! We should discuss naming tomorrow. I was referring the the room with the large tables. Mounting room?

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