Gärdet Display Window

Was blazing through Gärdet metro the other day and noticed the use of the display window. Great and beautiful work by whoever involved, set, print, tech, lights.

I’d love to make an interactive addition, add something against the window turning it into an interface, or something you can speak to, perhaps “hack” the lights that are there (that way I wouldn’t interfere with the existing set design).

  1. Can I?
  2. Who do I get in touch with?

Wow! Yes! :slight_smile:

@hampus or @Linnea have the key to the door.

@hampus @Linnea

What are the constraints?

I was thinking applying capacitive touch as an input, and make a touch interface. It would be fun to add sound, but I don’t know if we are allowed? If we can, I’d love to have a small speaker that makes weird noises and beautiful beats :slight_smile:

Could we turn it into an AV music and light display window?

What are the possibilities, and how would it work with prototyping on the actual window (for touch, I need to calibrate according to the thickness and type of glass).

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This was actually an early idea that we talked to SL about when we rented the window, and since nobody had asked before, they didn’t have a clear answer. I think that if it’s not too loud, we would get away with it. Better ask forgiveness than permission in this case.

That’s fine, as far as I’m concerned. We don’t have any restrictions on how long we can be working there when making improvements.

SL have told us that they are just happy if the display transforms over time. Having an AV installation would be great!



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I walked by and thought about it a few days ago and think there’s too much text there right now. People walk by fast and I think at most will be able to read a few words. IMHO it should be changed to say “Co-working Space” in giant letters, and then a description in smaller letters. Perhaps we could rotate the giant text by having it on an a screen? Then it could rotate between Co-working space / Textile Room / Maker Space or something like that…

The display is really nicely done right now, but as far as I understand it hasn’t given us many leads, so I think trying to focus attention on a salient few words is worth a try.

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Good feedback. A combination of clearer communication and an interactive installation the stop people in their tracks might be a recipe for success.

Late reply here but wonderful to hear that you want to add to and improve the installation!
Interactivity would greatly benefit the visibility and impact of the display window. This is of course why we placed rotating, levitating plants and blinky stuff in there but real interactivity would be awesome.

When we have been there working on it, or simply sitting still inside of it (air quality with the door closed is really shit unfortunately) the amount of heads turning to look increases by 500-800% in my estimation. And a couple of times per hour someone even stops to talk (or rather interrupt) and ask questions.

So some kind of interactive element to first slow down and then “catch” people is really needed. When I’ve been observing the normal flow of people very few turn and look. I would say it’s between 1-5% of people based on 10 min observations. Decreasing with the amount of people/stress levels in the corridor.

One thought I’ve had about it is to talk to Or and Gal (burner friends) and put in some version of the their VIsion Dojo installation which uses Kinect to read people’s movements which are then projected on to a wall with some delay and effects.

Excited to hear what you would like to make happen there! Go wild!

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This is happening in the next weeks.

The plan is to put up our lighting tubes in the back and make them interactive based on sound (footsteps) and/or physical presence.

I will use 1x 12V distribution box + 1x Arduino + sensors/wires.

How do we get access to the space, and is it possible to have power inside?

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  • We have a key to open the door leading to the display window (right side). Key should be marked and found in the first or second drawer in the former Fun Fun Function-room (where the old wooden desk is now located). It might have been attached to the green house key bundle (Linnéa isn’t sure).

  • The power socket is located by the floor slightly to the right as you stand in front of the window. It’s currently hidden by the wooden box acting as a little display stand.

    • There’s an additional outlet outside of the display window in the little “hallway” where the door is.

Does this involve emptying the display window as it is today? I.e. removing all furniture etc? No objections at all if that’s the case!

Just need to know in order to plan for the logistics and storage if so.

No moving anything around, I will adapt to the current interior, likely attaching something to the rear “wall” or hanging from the ceiling, or simply laying things down on the ground - whatever is easiest to be honest.

We can iterate.

I think the current design is great - the only thing I want is for people to feel they can impact Blivande by their presence, applying a little bit of technology.

I believe, if we start with something small and simple - we can always add on. I know @victoria_albrecht has some plans including a drawing machine - but I will let her investigate that route further before we announce any plans :slight_smile: