Gallery Frihamnstorget - Programme 2021

The new year is here and Gallery Frihamnstorget opens it doors for some amazing exhibitions with featured artists and exhibitions already chosen and mapped out until September!

The artists have been informed already last year but now the public announcement of our program:

Gallery Frihamnstorget 2021 Programm:

  • January:
    “Concrete Form[ing]work”
    By Anni Locke Scherer
    • Reserach and development of new 3D forming method that makes concrete waves.

  • February:
    By Elise Mattisson Chue
    • Olfactory exhibition:
      Intimate scent experience for one visitor at a time in 3 acts.

  • March:
    “The Origin of Knowledge”
    By Alex Collard
    • Signs and symbols explain our world, experience those that dormant in ourselves.

  • April:
    By Sally Salomonsson & Maja Sikorska
    • Art and biomedical research collaborating. Exploring new views and tactile approaches to the brain.

  • June:
    “That gift called Space”
    By Joni Ljungqvist & Leonardo Guayán
    • An audiovisual exhibition showing the beauty of the cosmos through different lenses and in unexpected places.

  • July:
    By Happy Wilder
    • Exploring different materials. How to engage and look at them to find human features and what we’re made of.

  • August:
    “(( HOT AIR ))”
    By Rosa Danenberg
    • 300 photo postcards of August 2020: Corona Lock-down, heatwave, people everywhere opened their windows.

  • September:
    “Impulse control”
    By Molly Sjöberg & Alex Collard
    • The Gallery transforms into a scene window for live dance performances that break free from learned habits.

Here are all the flyers combined:

Here the overview:


Here are preliminary individual flyers with short descriptions:

Here is another version:

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ping @cecilia_ulfsdotter and @hugi if you are kinda ok with those would be nice to add some of this to the website + social media. See you Monday :slight_smile:


Love it!

Would increase the contrast for legibility, and make sure that linked text is the same color as everything else. You can make the “yellow” color block much brighter (or consider having it completely black or white).

@Alex.Colard piece looks sick!


thanks for the feedback. will update tomorrow :slight_smile:

Great work!! So excited to see all of this.

Thank you

And @MariaEuler why does it says GROSS on the yellow container, not very attractive, maybe we can photoshop it into Cross

And my name has one L :blush:

In my description: “experience those that are dormant within ourselves”

Will adjust text and fix the name.

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Fantastic! If you want I can do the photoshop, send me an email with the picture it will take 2sec

@jonasjohansson I also think the yellow should be more present / the gross text is confusing with the text above, it’s too complicated text on text,

when it comes to graphic design I believe understanding the message is number one, style comes second.

I vote to remove the under text totally. Anybody seconds my vote? I will take a picture like this one today and email it to you (better background I believe) @MariaEuler

I find the door cooler, but you are right about the writing. Found a good quality picture of the other door which is free of writing and will just flip it :).

i sent you an email with this pic, the black text will be more visible since there is no black in that picture

straight lines @MariaEuler

with blur @MariaEuler

used this for the overview and the flipped other door for the flyer. will upload in a few min

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Updated the first 3 posts with the new versions. Thank you for your feedback and fotos taken :slight_smile:

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This is standard for containers and IMO adds to the container identity of the gallery (being inside a container…). It has do with “gross weight” and not “gross” as in “disgusting”. Art isn’t necessarily always attractive, unlike advertising.

I don’t really remember what the poster looked like originally but my taste/preference would have been to keep the deeper, rusty colors of what the wall actually looks like (for the main background) and then remove the yellow container background from the individual text boxes instead to make those stand out and be more legible. I think the current compromise of having a very bright and washed out container wall as background together with slightly darker yellow text boxes is a bit of a lose-lose.

Just my two cents and for future reference (or whatever), nothing I suggest changing now. :slight_smile:


The poster on the top is more of a byproduct of the flyers at this point and did not get.much love by itself. (The version before was just the one with the only textboxes that is still below as “overview”. Could make one of those the main header, but neiter look that good as a pick up by the website either.) Will be updated at some point.

For now: Better done than perfect :slight_smile:


Also: will hide most of the comments here once we start pushing out on social media to clean it up a bit :slight_smile:


The old colour here. Removing the text mainly for legebility.

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