Gallery Frihamnstorget - open call

Frihamnstorget is a unique creative space in Stockholm with huge cultural potential. From now “Gallery Frihamnstorget” will be a regular and growing part of this.

We believe that there should and can be different spaces for art. A space that is accessible, that is open, that gives you freedom and responsibility and helps a diverse range of artists and works to develop.

At the same time, Frihamnstorget gallery will pursue and grow collaborations with other more classical artspaces, to widen the reach for both sides. We want to open up towards and invite more people interested in culture and art into our community who might not know us yet and we want to build bridges for the creators and artists of our community.

The Yellow Container of Gallery Frihamnstorget is available to selected artists for free for a calendar month at a time. Artists are selected based on their proposed exhibitions.

The selection is made by the Gallery Frihamnstorget board from the proposals submitted on this platform as well as through direct invitation.

We provide the exhibition space, electricity and some access to facilities at House Blivande for free for a month at a time. For the first year we do not take any provisions from art or ticket sales the artist makes connected to the gallery.

Exhibiting at Gallery Frihamnstorget comes with certain responsibilities for the exhibiting artist. You can find a more detailed list in the guidelines but the most important points to be aware of from the start are as follows:

  1. You need to plan and promote an opening event for your exhibition and make the exhibition accessible for the public for at least 7 days during the your residency. Frihamnstorget and Blivande can use our social media channels to push your promotions and provide you with suggestions, but you must be prepared to invest your own time and budget to plan your events and generate promotional material.
  2. Frihamnstorget and Blivande will not take responsibility for damages. Any insurance for the exhibited art pieces has to be covered by the artist.
  3. The gallery container can not be changed in ways that cannot be restored. This includes painting and drilling. You must return the space as you received it on the last day of the calendar month. Fixtures can be made with magnets or through welding if discussed first with the Gallery Frihamnstorget board.

By exhibiting in Frihamnstorget Gallery you accept these rules (and the more detailed list in the guidelines).

We are looking forward to you and your art in this wonderful space!

Steps to apply

  • Sign up on the dream platform
  • Read the guidelines
  • Create your proposal.
  • Either publish it to get others excited about the idea or keep it unpublished so only you and the reference group can see it. You can continue working on it even after you post it as we understand dreams always as WIP.
  • Open call period: 19th of October - 23rd of November
  • We will get in touch and announce the selection for the first quarter of 2021 in the first week of December.

You can check out Gallery Frihamsntorget on Instagram @gallerifrihamnstorget:


Ping @Frida_Simon, @Ollxor, @jonasjohansson, @Alex.Colard, @Emanu, @Vinnss, @missChief, @asapienza, @guff, @Lekonst, @jakobskote, @rasmusalexander, @Bjorn, @Nicke, @hampus, @Ljubomir would you be interested in exhibiting in Gallery Frihamnstorget? Or do you now some other artists you think would be interested? Please check out this post and share it :slight_smile:

Hey, yes i would like to exhibit, thank you

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A photographer contacted me a couple of days ago asking for permission to have a photo shoot on the square. I recommended him to contact Galleri Frihamnstorget for a potential exhibition. He’s interested.


I’d like to do an exhibition of my PhD research so far, hopefully sometime Jan, feb or earlier so I can put it into my PhD before publishing in late March!


There are instructions above to apply. :slight_smile:

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Great idea! Put it on the platform and put your preferred date in there!


Hej! I am active in the coliving community in sthlm and have recently been introduced to Blivande and Frihamnstorget through Arturo and K9. Wish to be part of these activities and place to be!

I have been looking for a place to exhibit my images in march 2021 together with an opening event that I want to be “a little bit extra” and in a way part of the art work itself. I will invite to a poetic scenery and somehow play with the room and surroundings. I also want my opening event to include an hour or so of good mingle and “fiesta” outdoors or indoors and hopefully engage people that havent yet been introduced to the place Blivande or a cultural movement regarding new ways of living and making life together. I have been expressing myself artistically since always but have been taking a break during some grownup years to think about what I actually want with this activity or skill. I really think it would be amazing to make an exhibition andopening event at Frihamnstorget next year, and I would really wish March worked.

All the best to you all!


Sounds great @Katinka. Fill in your exhibition as a dream as in the description above. We will make the selection from there in early December.

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How does it work? Does anyone do some kind of…selection or is it open for anything? I have some ideas for exhibitions down the line.

It is open for everyone to apply and then we decide with the gallery board. The first open call end 23rd of Nov and we announce the program (selection) for the first quarter of 2021 in the first week of December 2020. :slight_smile:

cool thanks for reply, if I have anything it wont be for a year atleast so it was very hypothetical right now . Hope im not spamming :slight_smile:

Not at all. If you’d wanted you could already start to set up you dream application and indicate that it is for the end of next year and treat it as a WIP document :).

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Great proposals have already come in and we are looking forward to putting together the program for Spring 2021 soon. On this point, I need to inform everyone that due to the Corona restrictions we will allocate the first exhibition in February instead of January as originally planned. We will move the schedule in general accordingly. This way we are safer as to events potentially needing to be rescheduled later on.

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