Gallery Collaborations - Discussion Thread

After a first successful exhibition by @cecilia_ulfsdotter we got to work to open up “Gallery Frihamnstorget” to more artists.

We developed a residency/exhibition open call project that will give access to the Gallery free of charge for one month at a time to artists who apply over our dreams platform. The first application round continues until the 23rd of November and you can get more information here.
Great proposals have already come in and we are looking forward to putting together the program for Spring 2021 soon. (Due to the Corona restrictions we will schedule the first exhibitions for February 2021)

Frihamnstorget is a unique creative space in Stockholm with huge cultural potential. “Gallery Frihamnstorget” will be a regular and growing part of this and we have great plans and ideas for collaboration with it.

These collaboration plans are what I would like to address more in detail in this post:

Gallery Frihamnstorget board members had an amazing call including a Covid friendly remote Gallery tour with Gallery Duerr.

We discussed the potential for collaborations. Both sides were interested in so and also to try to get more local cultural players like maybe Magasin 3 on board.

The points were we aligned especially well were:

  1. Gallery Firhamnstorget committed approach to transparency in the application and selection process which enables artists to learn from each other’s experiences.
  2. Learning in general as a goal, which connects also to initiatives we are planning around Frihamnstorget to do creative workshops in Blivande Akademi and WIP for example and which is a topic close to Deborah Duerr’s heart.
  3. Connecting, activating and creatively revitalising the local area.

Deborah Duerr, agreed to join our forum to discuss this here with us and I am delighted to welcome her!
We are happy to develop this with you here in co-creation and transparency.

Here a list of some initial collaboration ideas to serve as a basis on which to discuss and develop further ideas:

  1. We would like to invite Deborah Duerr form Gallery Duerr to join us for the selection session for the spring terms exhibition program. We would be happy for her input and experience and she can surely find some interesting unconventional new artists. We want to set up these sessions as social gatherings in which different people can join the discussion. However, given the current Covid restrictions situation, this first session will most likely be an online session. (However, we will try to fill it with as much charm, music, art and coffee as possible in that format).

  2. We could coordinate the dates of exhibition openings so that interested public could either experience vernissages in one day/weekend or that we do not interfere with each other in events which might not profit from that. Programs for such coordinated openings could be sent to local newspapers.

  3. Coordinate topically. We could potentially discuss a topic for a joined open call for a bigger topical joint exhibition. Such a call could take place for example after the current round for example for May or June. A live stream/video projections could also be used to connect the locations during such share topical exhibition.

  4. We could display posters and flyers with each other’s programmes in each other’s locations.

  5. The outside space of Gallery Frihamnstorget enables events and larger public openings. We could maybe look at getting some of the local galleries together for a small art festival in summer. Live music and food at Frihamnstorget plats could open up high art events to the neighbourhood, exhibitions in more Galleries could give more cultural weight to such events.

There are of course already shared events that draw attention to the Stockholm art scene, such as Stockholm art week. (And I would like to ask those of the readers who are more knowledgeable with these initiatives than me( I am still a bit new to Stockholm) to list some below. Coordinating a bit for those will also be good.) However, we think that starting dedicated collaborations and communication between local cultural actors will help all of us to make this area more alive, even nicer, more open, realise it’s potential and gets through a hard time for the cultural and creative fields together.

This thread is supposed to be the start of a discussion to work out the details of collaborations with Gallery Frihamnstorget.

Everyone is invited to give their ideas and feedback and this post will be updated accordingly.


ping @hugi, @cecilia_ulfsdotter, @Ljubomir, would you like to add to this?

Lovely! This is very exciting.

The only thing I’d like to add is more examples of shared events, such as Stockholm art weekend which has just been, and then there’s the art fair like market art fair and supermarket art fair, although their purpose is slightly different - we could potentially become part of the supermarket art fair in the future. Gallery Duerr is applying to become part if the market art fair this year, so maybe that could indirectly give attention to us in the future somehow. Or maybe frihamnstorget could give a response to it all with our own little art fair. Just speculations so far.

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Hej! This sounds super exciting! I have close contact with Stockholm Fringe Festival. It is a big stage art festival normally taking place at 10± stages in sthlm, and it’s connected with a big global Fringe family. This year, september, they did it all online through Abundo.

Possibly it could be a good match somehow, would be for september.


Hey @Katinka!

Great suggestion!
We actually did establish a connection with them last year and they were very interested in future collaboration then. It was just a bit too late to make anything happen then so close to the festival. I believe it was Linnéa that had the meeting with them.

Who is it that you know there?

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Indeed! I actually tried already this year but it was too late.