Fume cupboard / dragskåp?

Hey gang,

Ive been talking to Hugi about buying a fume cupboard for Tau, I think its an invaluable tool for airbrushing, spraypainting and using harmful chemicals like epoxies. I found one at blocket for 3000 SEK which I vote for buying. We were talking about that it could be installed in the container with the laser cutter because ventilation is already prepped there. What say you? I can take care of dealing with the seller and MAYBE fitting it into my surprisingly roomy toyota, but if anyone has a van it would help…


Thanks for the initiative! Could you post a link to the ad?

I would like to know:

  1. How much would this be used, for example by @Ollxor, @asapienza, @Nicke, @Bjorn, @elch
  2. Is the container a good place for it? Perhaps in the corner by the window, on the wall opposite the laser cutter?
  3. If we decide to buy it, would @Emanu be okay for paying for it upfront with us deducting it from your membership? That saves us the paperwork of buying things second hand. Not a requirement, Blivande could do it, it’s just a little less bookkeeping.

Hmm i dunno i dont do any painting, but with new facilities comes new opportunities. So its a maybe for me, as i see no direct personal use at the moment. Seems like a reasonable thing for the space to have, like 100 other things.

How large is it?

Btw how what is the budget for buying stuff for tau? This is a bit off topic, but it would be a way of doing things to first set up a budget, then meet and plan a little for what kind of upgrades and improvements would be excellent to aquire, plus leave some money for random needs, repairs and such.

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@Emanu you got a link ? was planning to put a bigger ventilation for the CNC router as well

link here (with dimensions):

its an identical one to my fav one I used when I studied at STDH, so I like it!


and yes I would be OK with buying it with a corresponding rent reduction or however to put it :slight_smile:

@elch and @Emanu - maybe you could have a look to see if it would fit in the laser container and if the ventilation would be reasonably easy to install?

I can do some measuring today if I get my key to work :slight_smile:

It might just be that you need to turn it a little harder, the lock in the laser container needs a little more oomph to open. @hampus gave you access, so that should be all good.

Cool, Ill try.

Another idea could be to furnish a painting container, just a big open space with some kind of drying rack from the ceiling and a table in one end, with good ventilation in both ends. Then you could paint big stuff too. I can help with that if that sounds like something more ppl could use.

The fume cupboard would fit in the space opposite the laser cutter, yes. We might have to push the CNC + shelves a bit towards the LC but I think it would work.

@hampus, we need your input here too.

Great initiative @Emanu!

I think we should go for it and the laser container would be the place to do it.

@elch have entertained similar ideas before. It would be cool to have but require regular use (like connected to @elch professional use or the like) to be justified right now given our limited space out by the square.

Another contributing factor here is that we have Allblästring AB located in Frihamnen (formerly known as Britab). We should make a deal with them for access to their dedicated spaces before we get our own container IMO. Assuming we can work together in a good and economical way of course.

Alright, I think we have gathered enough advice. @Emanu, pull the trigger! We will give you an equivalent rent deduction.

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Great Emanu! I’m onboard, very much needed.

nice one, go for it

So is it happening and if so when? Excited! @Emanu

Picking it up Saturday! If anyone wanna helps with lifting and/or a van, lemme know! Otherwise I might have a friend with a trailer…

so headsup: I might not be able to get it saturday due to losing my drivers license (my only valid ID), so have to get some kind of ID before Im legally allowed to drive again… might have to postpone this until next week :frowning:

Bummer. Is the seller OK with the postponement or do we risk losing it to someone else?