Frihamsntorget Live: Live music to start the Afterwork of Work Is Play

Hey ho!

So, I have filled all the live music slots for when I am available up until end of September.

Wondering if anyone is willing to host live music on Friday 28 August and Friday 4 Sept, so that it runs every week? I am out of town.

I will take care of recruiting artists and making Facebook events. You would need to set up the sound and count people in and out to make sure only 50 ppl are on the square at one time. @Joannis-Magnus would you be available for this, with the help of somebody?

For those interested we have so far:
Friday 21 August: Jahuel Mangalam- Conscious rap with a soul-searching focus
Friday 11 September: Paloma and her band- Fantastic badass singer songwriter
Friday 18 September: Yours truly! Acoustic songs and cocky raps
Friday 25 September: The Milestones- A burner choir



It depends on what that hosting entails? Do we already have a crew that rigs the sound etc?

Joannis would rig sound. It is more about greeting the artist, making sure we have no more than 50 people on the square, and presenting that artist when it’s time for the performance to start. Gathering people from around the house to come to the performance.

I have a question about timings! It seemed a lot of Work Is Play people went home last time before it was time for the live music to start. Does it means the concert should start a bit earlier or that I just need to communicate better to Work Is Play people that it is happening? It seemed like around 20:00 was more when people were chilling having a drink after work. But I haven’t been to WiP that much so unsure.

Would we disrupt Work Is Play if we were setting up the sound earlier so that the music happens at around 20:00?

@MariaEuler @bobspeakman @NinaLindberg @cecilia_ulfsdotter @DianaMO @missChief

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I personally think that moving it forward to 8 pm is a good idea, especially if we take into account that it will get progressively darker in September. I think the events are great to bring new people in, that might be linked to the artist and that can then see the progress in the square.

9 was a bit to late, and no time or motivation to stay a bit longer to chat after the life music. It ended a bit sudden.

By September 15th, it starts getting dark at 19:00 already and by the end of September it will start getting dark by 18:30. I might even propose moving it forward to start at 18:30 to be honest. Once it gets dark in September, it also gets cold.

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I fully second Hugi. 21 is way too late! A lot of the time WIP has died out organically by then.

Give people enough time to come from work comfortably but not much more. It’s also good if they come hungry so that we sell more food. That’s another reason for starting early (18-18.30) rather than late.

Agree. @kimgajraj and I had talked about 19:00, however after a conversation with @bobspeakman about WIP, it became apparent that building is not really possible parallel to the life music. I think if we communicate expectations and times better than the troubleshoot event, WIP and Frihamnstorget could benefit from the event being earlier. And of course the food sellers!

There is usually not much of actual building/work taking place that late anyway. Most of the efficient work happens earlier in the day. WIP is generally, there have been some exceptions, way more play than work. Which is perfectly fine, but there really is no reason to start late IMO.

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OK this is great! I also think that because of darkness and coldness it’s good to move it earlier, plus if we have Work Is Play people plus people coming for the live music, it will feel like a nice and lively bunch of people! Just checking with Joannis what time he’s available to set up sound :slight_smile:

Also, is there a plan to continue Work Is Play inside on Fridays throughout autumn and winter @hampus @hugi @MariaEuler?

Thinking whether to have live music inside in the same kind of way, to end the work and start the afterwork. Perhaps less often, first Friday of each month for example…

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Inside WIP is a great idea, could be conceptual as well, meditation / yoga - other things.

Agree with everyone above, the music should happen much earlier, 18.30 latest! Perhaps even earlier. 18.00 etc. This way the artist has time to be part of the event a bit as well before it shakes loose.


Yes, that’s the plan. Although it might be called something other than WIP. We’ll see!
Would be lovely to get going with the weekly live music club during autumn and winter. A variant would be that we work on that indoor stage on Fridays, combined with music. So every Friday we add something to the pillar room that enhances the music venue/club. Fixing on the bar, adding something to the stage, improving lighting etc.

We could of course also just keep it WIP (indoor edition) and focus mainly on the house interiors instead.
Wouldn’t want to make it too conceptual and go into yoga being work and on. Better then to start another event under a different name for that IMO.

So, the band scheduled for Sept 11 (7 people!) can only start at 20:00 earliest. So let’s communicate round to people that that day it will be fun if people stay a bit later after WIP. It’s a great band!!! We can move inside if needed.

Just saw on Facebook there is no WIP FB event scheduled for Friday Sept 11. Is it intentional @MariaEuler @hampus @bobspeakman etc.?

Then we’ll change the performances on the 18th and 25th to 18:00/18:30.

not intentional to my knowledge, but I am not taking care of the facebook side.

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Thanks, Maria. Phew! I’ll update

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We need to decide in the next few weeks when and how to move inside

Yes! Music-wise, I think we can just move it inside whenever WIP moves in <3

We will never move inside!
Frihamnstorget forever :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_snow::snowman: