Frihamnstorget: What is it and how to get involved?


Frihamnstorget should be a true “third place”. It is not just a place for culture and art but is itself a beautiful and exciting work of art. Frihamnstoget questions established principles of city planning and placemaking in Sweden today, and we are tilling the earth for the creativity of its members.

Frihamnstorget is a work of art with no single vision. It is co-created by the initiatives and creativity of the different people and organizations involved. This process of co-creating a public place through citizen initiative is itself a work of art and an experiment in democracy and creativity. It should feel like a tiny container village, full of art and culture, but also workshops for craftspeople, creative businesses, food, and drink.

Frihamnstorget and Blivande should also be a foundation for community-run and community-owned businesses, creating an opportunity for people to create good lives for themselves and others.

Getting involved

Most people involved in Frihamnstorget are members of Blivande or The Node. We are in this together, so start by joining the community. It will become a lot easier for you to gain momentum for your initiatives once you make friends and get to know the community. Introduce yourself in a new thread, let us know who you are and what you desire!

A growing number of creative and talented people have gathered around Frihamnstorget. Currently, most aspects of Frihamnstorget are open to your initiative, granted that you have the skills required and are willing to put in the work to make things happen. As we move forward, we will settle into roles and responsibilities, but we want to avoid a traditional hierarchical organization. Frihamnstorget should be a place for experimentation and citizen initiative, where its members have the power to act to improve it.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved. One good place to start is to post in the forum, and we will connect you to the people you should talk to. Things change quickly, so instead of having a traditional organization map with pictures and emails, we instead encourage you to get in touch here on the forum so that everyone gets a chance to get to know you. It saves both you and us the endless chain of introduction emails, and our conversations can be read by other people who also want to get involved. We rely on the power of the crowd to connect you. Go ahead and try it!

If you want to contribute to Frihamnstorget and have a specific idea in mind, post it in the Frihamstorget group on the forum. It is then up to the existing group of co-creators of Frihamnstorget and Blivande to make the decision on if we can bring your initiative to Frihamnstorget.

Support Frihamnstorget financially

If you are not directly involved in Frihamnstorget, you can still support it! Blivande is a social enterprise and a not-for-profit company, and our goal is to reinvest all profit into community initiatives and fair salaries for those working to create and run Blivande and Frihamnstorget. We still have some way to go until we cover the hosts of the house and Frihamnstorget, so a part of the plan is to find streams of income. You can support Frihamnstorget and Blivande financially in many ways, according to your own ability and ambition for this creative ecosystem. This is how:

  • Move your business or your art workshop to Blivande. Our memberships range from the 800 SEK per month membership in our art and crafts workshop Tau, to co-working membership at Studio Beta starting at 2500 SEK per month for a flexible desk or 3900 SEK for your own desk. Read more at our website and come by for a tour.

  • Run events at Blivande and Frihamnstorget. Our spaces are perfect for seminars, events, and parties. We can host up to 300 people in the house. Get in touch with @hampus or @Linnea to find out more.

  • Become a monthly member of Noden, a non-profit association living in symbiosis with Blivande, offering daily free workshops to its members Monday to Thursday nights and on Sundays. Noden has over 300 members and is a vital part of House Blivande.

  • Make a donation. Would you like to see Frihamnstorget and Blivande blossom into a magnificent public place for co-created art and culture? We are open to opportunities. Would you like to create an art-fund for creators at Frihamnstorget or fund a specific work of art or improvement? Let us know! Get in touch with @hugi, @hampus or @Linnea.

  • Help us write grant applications. Are you a great grant application writer? We need you. Get in touch to help us out.

  • Run fundraising events. We would love to run more fundraising events for Frihamnstorget and Blivande, and all we’re lacking is time and energy to spare. Are you ready and willing?

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