Frihamnstorget Plato implementation

Development of Plato is at full speed. As you know, Blivande is a part of the Plato project funding as the first place of implementation. We are going to develop Plato to fit the needs to Blivande in the next 10 months. However, in order to do that, we need to start using the platform as it is at Blivande in order to understand how it can be improved.

We should get going on the Frihamnstorget Plato implementation. Our first step is to list all the planned future developments on Dreams. @hampus, as project manager of Frihamnstorget and head of Blivande implementation on the Plato team, I’ve made you admin.

Things that need to be done:

  • Figure out how we are going to use the platform
  • Decide on what questions should be in the form
  • Set guidelines that need to be followed
  • Create the projects that are already planned, and update the ones that are already on the platform, like the raising of the dome

We can do this together, perhaps along with other Frihamnstorget members.

@MariaEuler, @jakobskote, and I are available to answer questions. We could also do a workshop to get started if things are unclear.