Frihamnstorget pimping day

Hej all.
At the last tau meeting which was hijacked by Frihamnstorget we decided to set the last Friday of everymonth as a building day at Frihamnstorget.

This is the day when most of us with projects there will be working out there and being communal and co-creating and all that lovely jazz while collectively working with the goal to make Frihamnstorget as a whole an epic place that can live for many more years.
So check your calendar, and maybe there is something you want to do there.
last Friday of the month. We start at 9:30 for a full day of creation, cleaning and good vibes.

So our first event will be in the 27th of March.
@Lekonst mentioned that he could massage the vibes and builders with thoughts of music, bbq and fluffing. :heart::orange_heart::purple_heart:
@Ollxor @Per_Dahlgren let’s create the street lamps we talked about inside the square. Add some nice vibes to the place. I’ll add some ideas below (I have the form of a snowdrop flower in my head, (but next week it might be tulips :upside_down_face:)
@Vinnss @Lekonst @GoodMood could be a great start to the graffiti work and playing with the image of the square?

And some classic tags for those not mentioned @NinaLindberg @Frida_Simon @Simon


Looking forward!

I will put in an order for stringlights to hang around the perimeter.

Looking forward to this!

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Hi!!! Even though it is corona times, I’m really looking forward to our pimping day at Frihamnstorget next Friday. I think that it will be possible to have this day without taking too many risks.

If the weather is nice I propose that we start the day outside in the square with coffee, tea and hot toasts for breakfast. And then we spend however much time we want on our own projects or things that we envision for the square.

With love :sun_with_face:

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I’m also looking forward!

Let’s BBQ something for lunch on The Bomb?

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I have this street lamp image of some kind of twisted metal stalk flower, with a petals that’s almost spitting out a lamp.
would love to see some organic shapes among all the geometry and square containers, life evolved,


I can only be there until 12.15 or so. Very important meeting that can’t be rescheduled unfortunately. Just so you know. Someone else will have to take the initiative with lunch/BBQ.

@Lekonst are you still up for fluffing duty?

@Linnea do we have a toastie in the house? if not @cecilia_ulfsdotter is bringing one and i’m bringing sandwiches with extra cheese for breakfast.

@Vinnss if you want to come and start with the container i would love to help out with that :slightly_smiling_face:

Can everyone confirm that 9.30 is a good time to start with breakfast? Would be lovely to start off together @Frida_Simon, @Simon, @bobspeakman, @hampus, @Lekonst, @Ollxor

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Hi Nina,
This is would be the last week quarantine for us. I will be back in weekend. Today I start to order some paint materials and will start in the coming weekend. Will give an update again soon. Sorry for the delaying :black_heart: stay safe and take care everyone


Yes. I am still on the BBQ and Music and general fluffing mission.

I will prepare something for us tomorrow, Thursday that is.

Do you know if there is Coal for the BBQ, where the BBQ is stored atm. Can we get something at Axfood? Is there something we can use inhouse for this.

Looking forward to this.


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I believe we have a sack or two of coals in the outdoor storage units by the smoking area. In the left one I believe, in the corner to the left when you open the door. Otherwise we’ll have to buy more at Axfood.

When it comes to beer we should probably just buy folköl at ICA.

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See you all tomorrow at 0930!

Breakfast is served!

Breakfast and bbq came out to 300kr. Feel Free to Swish to 0767092206

great day in the sunshine on Friday! I/We want to have these building days on every last Friday of the month.
it would be nice next time to have more material available to build with next time. Create this material stash we are talking about :wink: