Frihamnstorget meeting on Thursday

This Thursday at 18:00 we will meet to plan for Frihamnstorget.

We will discuss:

  • Out of the current and planned developments at Frihamnstorget, what is a communal responsibility
  • What are the responsibilities of each project holder?
  • What are the responsibilities of Blivande?
  • Costs
    • Up to now
    • In the coming months
    • Who pays for what

I will also walk us through the draft of the Frihamnstorget constitution.

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Let’s also discuss this:

Yo! Where are the meeting taking place?
Frida is landing at Arlanda at 19.00, and because of som crazy traffic jam I’ll go en pick her up.
Need to leave at 18.30 latest… // Simon

We made a decision on the Christmas event weekend. We are going with December 13th to 15th.

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