Frihamnstorget LED Sign

  1. @SofiaAnner inquired if @elch and I could create an illuminated FRIHAMNSTORGET sign.

  2. @cecilia_ulfsdotter have also asked whether this project could, besides the sign, result in an additional sign.

  3. @elch made a plasma cut of an F in the type that was chosen by @annielocke, and I made a small print-ready file (which wasn’t print-ready, Annie had to fix it for me…)

  4. I took the F, placed it somewhere, made a test. But, can’t find the F!

  5. So, I made another one, in cardboard. I’ve used a bit of diffusion plastic from @Ollxor. This plastic is great, and we can order to cover the rest, but I think we have a lot “in stock” if Olle wants to sell/gift it. I used some WS2812B 5V LED’s from @ubbesen since they were ideally placed, but we would most likely place our LED’s in a pattern that is convenient and effective.

5. The LED’s should be no closer than 1cm (or further away than 2cm), or else the diffusion is not optimal.

Next steps

As I see it, we have 2 paths forward (limiting my imagination heavily here).

  1. We decide on the font. Perhaps Annie can help prep the files (since I failed). Tobi plasma-cuts the letters in the 50x50 white sheets and we place them on the container. Ideally, we should paint the white sheets since they are but ugly when white.


  1. We attach our lights to the current Frihamnstorget sign (what was wrong with this one? @SofiaAnner)

OR (my currently fave suggestion)

  1. We don’t write FRIHAMNSTORGET but instead choose something a bit more slick as a complement to the already existing sign. Something like “FT” or the logo. This would be WAY faster/easier to create and might instil the same curiosity of the bypassers. It might even be the best solution in terms of creating a strong identity for the space.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be away until August 12, but happy if these letters get made somehow and then I can attach the lights.

@hampus @hugi @Linnea @Sero

Prototype of an F

ft-sign-test.2020-07-29 20_01_11


Great that this is coming along! It’s high priority I would say as the old sign is falling apart and looks quite bad IMO. Important that we show that the square is evolving and is being lovingly cared for.

Keeping the existing sign isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean the new one has to be a replica.
For one thing we should get rid of the cafe sign as there is no continuous cafe business at the square.

I do think Frihamnstorget should be spelled out somehow.


Gotcha’ wasn’t aware of the current sign state.

In that case,

we should proceed with plasma cutting the remaining letters, which is basically as simple as preparing all the DWG files in the right format with the right font.

@annielocke I know you’re real busy this week, and unsure what I did wrong when I made the first file - would it be possible for you to prepare all the letters for @elch?

I could share you “my version” of all the files for margin reference etc.

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Hey @cecilia_ulfsdotter, I haven’t heard from Tobi yet and I know Annie is away for at least 10 days more. But know that I have all the diffusion / LED-equipment.

Did you expect your sign to also be illuminated?

I’m back next week then we can cut it

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I’ll be at a comp after Sunday. What’s the current font being used or do we want another font? No problem to make files. Actually have no idea what was “wrong” with the files last time- can barely remember think I just remade and exported…? Too long ago

The font that you used for the logo that you made - would be appropriate I think!

I got the millimeters / cm wrong in my export and it was not usable by Tobi :confused: but also unsure how it should be ideally exported. Did you export from Illustrator ?

I make type it in illustrator, convert the text to lines/vectors, throw it in rhino, make sure the size is nice and it’s at the origin, then export to dxf

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Hello Jonas, sorry for the late reply I’ve been boating on the west coast! Yes I do expect my sign to be illuminated thanks. I am back tomorrow at blivande and will be there every weekday from now on if you need me. Is there anything else I can do to help?

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Hey guys, I did a quick test with the cut-outs from @elch

It’s a bit tricky fto make sure the LED’s are on the perfect distance, so one way to achieve that would be to have a wooden board behind with the LED-strip, and spacers for the metal sign (attached with nuts and bolts.

@missChief perhaps you have a proposal for how to achieve this, the LED-strip should be mounted with roughly 1cm distance for the diffusion to be decent.

How do you see the metal cut outs be attached to the container?

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few questions @jonasjohansson -

  1. are we going to put in a diffusion thingy or just leave it open?
  2. are the ws2811s all waterproofed or will we be making some kind of box?
  3. are the strips oriented perpendicular to the letters (so they can bend around) or are they facing the viewer (in which case how are they following the letters when the strips bend in the other direction) or is it simply throw some LEDs behind and doesnt matter where?

spacers are fine - can mock some up with some test pieces. im more wondering how LEDs will be held in place (wood behind wont really weather well… ) I’m sure @elch has some ideas with more metal thingies

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  1. We have the diffusion already, it’s a plastic sheet cut for the signs. We are not leaving it open.

  2. The strips will be covered in plastic and IP63 I think.

  3. The LED-strip will be cut and extended to fit the letters, so that we canimate (I invented a new word here) the outline “perfectly”.

  4. As long as I can attach the LED-strip to something, could even be the container directly!!

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yeah but what is going on with the sides? These are going outside i presume? What’s keeping rain out? (maybe im totally missing something here - let me know if im being dense :stuck_out_tongue: )
i like your canimate thats cute :slight_smile:
attaching the LED strip to the container will be hard since the sides of the container are ribbed for our pleasure

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  1. Rain is not kept out, the wiring and LED’s are water proof and attached to the container somehow. ALL electronics is weather proofed.

  2. Yes, the ribbing is shit (for me)… :smiley: But perhaps you can come up with a great solution? if we can get a 1cm spacer for the sheets thats cool, but might be a lot of work. Any thoughts?

Isn’t the easiest to simply have a metal sheet backside to the letters (using nuts and bolts for spacing)? Basically the wood suggestion upgraded to metal for weather resistance/longevity. Then we simply screw that metal sheet straight into the container side using self-drilling metal screws (we have plenty of those).

The sheet could be made slightly smaller than the surface area of the letter fronts so that it’s somewhat “hidden” behind them (only visible from a side angle).

I have salvaged material that we could use for this backside so it wouldn’t cost anything extra.

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Perhaps we could use the Metal Sheet cutouts,

so the T-cutout could be plcaed beghind with the LED-strip attached??

Yes but then each letter would have to be individually screwed into the container wall. Makes for lots of holes and more work.

I was thinking the whole thing could be one thing, just mounted with <10 screws in total. Alignment would then take place on ground and so on.

@missChief any great ideas here for how we should proceed?

Attaching the diffusion boards can be done once they are up as well, so no need to wait for that to happen.

Another idea is that we point the LED-strips against the container, attached to the metal sheets, it wont be as powerful but the bounce-back might work as well. So the light bounces against the container, back into the diffusion.

@cecilia_ulfsdotter I’ll have a look tomorrow if I can come up with a simple-ish solution that we can try to get something up. Otherwise, we might have to wait until we magically arrive at a conclusion and solution for how we can securely set it up - as it will make pretty lights it’s important that it’s sturdy, and also weather proof and so on - and so forth.

I’m participating in the XR manifestation which was not planned so tomorrow my time is divided between that and other things (but I’ll try to sync with @hampus and hopefully we strike genious together).