Frihamnstorget Dream Guides

What is the role of Dream Guides within Frihamnstorget? Within The Borderland the DG’s have been helping dreamers understand the system, helping them with their applications, helping them comply with the guidelines, etc.

Within FT this is somewhat the same, but also different. BL sees a huge amount of dreams, so it need a huge amount of DG’s to work. FT will see fewer dreams, with much more complicated requirements. It’s important that the DG’s are invested in FT, and knows their way around Blivande. We should ideally have a few who are also part of the Frihamnstorget group.

I can be a DG and Dream Steward, as I have been before in BL, which means a sort of meta DG lead who makes sure things happen on time, does admin and stuff. But as I am not in Stockholm until end of August, and my involvement in the Always Becoming festival is quite limited, we also need DG’s on site.

What do you see as the primary role of DG’s within Frihamnstorget?


I’ll be a dream guide.

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I’ll be happy to be one too :slight_smile: