Frihamnstoget 3D

Hello Dear Community!

We have a great place at Frihamnstoget which we are all making together :).

Some of the people who might want to dream, realise and contribute might not always be able to be in site. Especially at the moment.

Therefore we want to provide resources and instructions in this thread for how to share your ideas using quick VR sketches.

I took a few 360-degree images of the space to start with, which you can download here:

These images can be uploaded and viewed in 3D for example with Kuula:

You can go for example to and upload the images and sketches there and then copy the link and just post it here in a post on the forum.

then you can make some sketches or add some stuff into the image:

Pop it back into the VR viewer, share the links here and we can all look around and discuss:

what do you think about the tree and the swimming pool placement ;)?

here is the code to make the VR images in the links bigger:
<iframe width="100%" height="640" style="width: 100%; height: 640px; border: none; max-width: 100%;" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" allow="vr,gyroscope,accelerometer,fullscreen" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

this grit can help for sketching in 3d:

But you can also just do it super easily freehand with your finger on the smartphone.


ping @federico_monaco, have a look, what do you say to this process?
Is there maybe a drawing tool where pople could do that extra easy/maybe try to draw directly in the VR format?

also, @Hampus asked if this could also be inputted in the PS VR Headset?

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Hi @MariaEuler this is heaven!
Developing urban tactics by VR is easy and hits the spot in having a visual result when it comes to describing to people, stakeholders and policy makers your vision about the district you live in. Upload panopictures to and sketch and paint what is your making place idea; furthermonre, Kuula makes possible to develop virtual tours as well, so just ping me for further inspiration and for short tutorial sessions! I’m into this stuff, and love developing more… Hi @hampus you may check this


Thanks for the tip @federico_monaco!

Check the draft project proposal, i developed two years ago for the district where i live in Italy, as cradle of the present methodology
Interesting that i was citing folkbildning …and now Frihamnstoget is using it :slight_smile:
Rare coincidence?


Cool stuff happening and we need an update on the images from Frihamnstorget!

19th May 2020:

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Look around :wink:


ping @NinaLindberg and @bobspeakman, that are the pictures the strange women with the mask was taking this morning :wink:

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