Fördelning av bidrag till samlingslokaler för föreningslivet

@noden-board, you should follow up on this.

I will put in a reminder to check Boverket website the upcoming weeks.

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Here some dates on when this will happen and HOW

Great, I have booked 2nd Nov to look into this.

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Any news on this ? @ubbesen

Yes, I looked into this yesterday, and it seems like we should be eligible. At least worth giving it a shot.
It’s pretty simple, we just send in our information and the estimated number of events we did last year Jan-Oct compared to this year Jan-Oct which gives a % decrease. They will then allocate some money for us, probably a share of the 75 MKR that will be distributed all over the country. My guess is we will get a few 1000 kr or something if we get approved. It needs to be signed by @SimianSon (chair of association) so I have contacted him already.



Great! Let’s give it a shot! :+1:

How is this going @ubbesen ?

I checked and the due date is 16th of November

As far as I understand, @filipnystrom is working on it.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t read closely enough. And you are Filip are working on the other one together, I’m just tired. :stuck_out_tongue:


I need help from @SimianSon to sign the application. Other than that, it should be easy to just fill it out.

@ubbesen Should we meet up quickly somewhere tomorrow so I can get it signed?
I’m available after 14:00.

If you need to use SignRequest, I can give you access to the Blivande account @ubbesen

@SimianSon Let’s just do a digital signing of the PDF. I need your email for the form and to send it to you. We could try SignRequest also (I created a free account).

I have submitted the application now!
Special thanks to @SimianSon and @hugi for helping out with information required.


So good! I feel we are a great team atm

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I’m afraid we didn’t get any money from Boverket. Apparently the subsidy was only aimed at organization that have an income from renting out a location, so we misunderstood the target group.

Boverket Beslut.pdf (44.9 KB)

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