Foodsharing Stockholm collaboration

Hi all!
I am new in this forum and would like to give a brief introduction to ‘Foodsharing Stockholm’, where I volunteer. It is a democratic, non-profit movement fighting food waste by working to bridge the gap between retailers and consumers that leads to food waste. I am starting this thread as we would like to initiate a collaboration with you.
In a nutshell, we would like to ask you for the following:

  • An open space where we could spend around 3 hours for distributing the ‘rescued food’ once per week, preferably Saturday mornings (flexible schedule). We do not need a kitchen in this space, just a couple of tables and a plug to potentially use a fridge (that we already have).
  • Access to Frihamnstorget kitchen to organize folkkök events once/twice per month (great flexibility for dates/times).

At the moment we rely on one distribution point for the ‘rescued food’, Kulturhuset Cyklopen, in Högdalen. However, our goal is to reach as much people as possible, and we have observed that this location is very restrictive, both for Foodsharing ‘users’ and volunteers, who would spend a long time just to get to the distribution point, and depend on a car to carry the food all the way there. Besides, we only have access to this Kulturhuset on Friday evenings, which has a negative impact in the popularity of the distributions.
Your space looks like the ideal spot for Foodsharing Stockholm to expand and become a big part of the food waste fight, as it is in other European cities. We also believe in the importance of raising awareness about this matter and that is why we occasionally organise folkkök (folk kitchen) events where we create dinners using surplus food. This is an experiment in improvisation and saving good food from going to waste. Blivande and Frihamnstorget would be ideal spaces to organize these events, and let the community know about food waste.

A bit more about us: Foodsharing Stockholm is a relatively new organization, active since 2019. We intend to establish the concept of food sharing in Stockholm, encouraging sharing food which won’t be used (e.g. by collecting unsellable products from supermarkets). This way, we raise awareness on the scale of food waste and establish a concrete solution to the problem based on solidarity. We think that everyone and anyone can be involved in saving and sharing food. As of today, we have been able to find stomachs for almost 2 tons of food that were about to go to the bins.
But how do we work? Normally, we set partnerships with businesses and organize regular times with them for picking up the food. From the Pickup Point we transport the food to our Distribution Points, where the food is given away to the community. All the logistics involved are arranged by Foodsharing Stockholm volunteers. Our distributions are publicly announced in our social media channels and are
open for anyone interested on showing up.

For more information about the organization, please feel free to visit our website ( or social media channels (, or @foodsharingstockholm).

Our current partners would be happy to share their experiences with us:
ICA Supermarket Årsta (donor): phone 086025120
Chili & Wok Restaurant (donor): phone 0760824931
Kulturhuset Cyklopen (sharing point): phone 0767119763
Coop Nära Stadion (donor)
Sopköket (donor)

Thank you very much for your time on this! Particularly thankful to @darkturo and @hampus, for giving me the opportunity to present you the idea.
I am really looking forward to reading about your feedback :slight_smile:

Olga Rivera Ballesteros


Hello Olga, Welcome to the forum! <3

I’ll show you around when you come here on Wednesday, perhaps also a good chance to meet people within the community.

I’m thinking that for both activities, distributing food and organising the folkkök, you would benefit from using the kitchen container, it has a fridge and a window that opens towards the main Plaza, where there are a few places to sit and stay.

Regarding with time slots and availability, I think there is no recurrent event in Frihamstorget every Saturday morning, so I’m sure there wouldn’t be be a problem to take that spot once a week.

With regards of the folkkok, it sound exciting. I might want to join and help cooking someday!, for how many people do you usually cook?, what kind of recipes and such?
Perhaps these dinners could fit well on Thursdays, so then we have Fridays for Work is Play + Guest chefs, and Saturday with the distribution of food?
It could bring some continuous activity to the plaza, Hmmm what do you guys think?

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Hi @Olga! I’m Hugi, one of the founders of Blivande. Thanks, @darkturo for the introduction.

What a fantastic initiative. I completely support this! I am truly excited about this happening in the house. This is exactly the sort of initiative we should serve. Let’s talk about how to make this work in practice!

My initial thoughts, based on your information:

Blivande is a participatory community. Our members take initiative to create what happens in the house and also take responsibility for those who participate in the events they organize. Ideally, a member of Blivande should take it upon themselves to be present and responsible for this activity before, during, and after it takes place. This includes greeting people, making sure they understand where they are, making sure that doors to private areas are closed and locked, and that Blivande is left clean and tidy after it’s done. All of our members hold keys to the house, and have access 24/7.

As for timing, Saturday mornings are not a very busy time at Blivande, so it’s good. The only problem could be that if there has been a party or event the day before, which is usually the case in normal times, the cleaning might still be ongoing. This is probably not a showstopper, but I will leave it up to @hampus to make the call as he is in charge of the event side of things. Blivande is also a very dynamic and active place, and things are quite fluid, so the person responsible would have to keep themselves in the loop with the community.

Foodsharing Stockholm is very close to the core purpose of Blivande. When an opportunity like that presents itself, we like to give it an extra push. For example, we have given people “community” memberships in the past for doing work that contributes to the commons. Foodsharing Stockholm contributes to the commons of Blivande and Stockholm as a whole, so I propose that Blivande sponsor someone on the Foodsharing Stockholm team with a free membership to our workshops (called a Studio Tau membership). They would become a full member, with access to all of our workshops and tools, and have their own key to the house with 24/7 access. In return, they are responsible for the collaboration with Foodsharing Stockholm and for making that collaboration work with the rest of our members.

From our end, this means that we establish a relationship with someone on the team. For us, personal relationships are everything and would help us commit fully to this collaboration. An ideal person would be someone who:

  • Is conscientious and orderly
  • Otherwise a good fit for Studio Tau and the rest of the members

It would be even better if that person would also:

  • Benefit from the free art studio and workshop membership
  • Live relatively close (although that’s mostly for convenience for that person)

This way, we could really make Foodsharing Stockholm a part of the community and make resources available for each other. What do you think of this model @Olga?

We would need to discuss this with the whole Blivande team and check in with the members, but my feeling about it is positive.

We have previously gotten donations from ICA Värtan, it’s worth it to check with them as they are very close by.


Cool :sunglasses:

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Could also go together with the urban farming. I had stuff rotting cause I forgot to harvest… Also slight over production


This is something that @SofiaAnner, @kristofer, @Thedodod, @vendela, @bobspeakman, @NinaLindberg, @Natipettinato, @SimianSon and @Lekonst might be interested in too.

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This is amazing! I just want to add a pinch of synergy adding the Node to the equation.

When I read this I was writing the following in the Noden Activity Plan 2021:

Core Activities Second Living Room

Co-Created Dinners
Monthly re-occuring event where members organize a large meal together, fostering community trough food

Second Living Room Investments

Co-Created Dinners
Upgrading the kitchen allowing to cook for up to 100 people


Yes, dinners like this would be an amazing way to create space for curious people and new members of both Noden and Blivande!

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I am also thinking right now, that if there ever is a problem in finding people amongst our midst (BLIVANDE), it is always possible to reach out to the Noden community.

I believe a lot of members would be very enthusiastic about the project and helping out in organizing.

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Thank you for your message Arturo @darkturo! That kitchen container sounds like an ideal place for this :slight_smile:
Regarding the folkkok events, we have not had many so far, as we always had the problem of finding a suitable space for it. So far they’ve been mostly run and enjoyed by volunteers (no more than 10 people ish), but the idea is to expand them to the general public. The recipes are vegan, and simply based on the attendees imagination :slight_smile:
Organizing them on Fridays sounds like a good suggestion, right now everything is possible!

Hi @hugi, thank you so much for the support and ideas expressed on your message!
I am happy to read more about how Blivande works as a community, and I understand that you want the responsible to be involved and ‘on the beat’ with you all. Personal relationships are indeed essential when establishing such a project, which requires sharing resources, commitment and trust. Thus, I see your proposal about the Studio Tau membership as a unique opportunity that we from Foodsharing Stockholm would love to take.
This would definitely be extremely positive for the impact we aim to have in the society, and it also sounds like it would bring more co-created experiences to Blivande community as a whole.
I cannot wait to get to know you and make this happen :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for showing interest on this proposal! I am willing to meet you all and talk more about this exciting project!

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Hello again Olga! :slight_smile:

It’s reiterating what we’ve already talked about in the initial chat so I’ll just say that I’m really happy to see how you’ve jumped on the suggestion to bring this to the forum and also make this a Frihamnstorget-connected thing! I added you to the Noden open community group after our chat the other day and as Diana also points to here that is indeed a good place for you to find more people and volunteers.

As mentioned the kitchen container we have there could be made available to host regular Folkkök-events that would be easy to make synergize with other types of activities and culture. Come for the food, stay for the X-kind of thing.

Further down the line if everything pans out well and takes root in Frihamnen the growing project could potentially get its own container. Food refrigeration is a very common usage of specialized containers and such a container could also act as a large fridge for other events and ventures existing in the future square.

Another thing that I would like to mention here and that you and others in your group might be interested in is that there are aligned ideas floating around all over Sweden for starting food co-ops inspired by organizations such as Park Slope Coop.

A trailer for a documentary about it here:

We have community members like Pietro and Nadine who’s been trying to start up such an organization in Stockholm for a while now and while that’s a really big project to pull off initiatives such as yours could act as auxiliary stepping stones on the way.

Of course urban farming initiatives as mentioned by Tobi above are also potential allies in a networked coalition for food sustainability in the city. There’s people at Utopia Arkitekter that I plan to contact about that as they are currently looking into ways of enabling more small-scale food production within the city. Would love to see Frihamnen in general, with Frihamnstorget in particular as its connecting hub, be a node for this kind of initiatives in Stockholm.

You mention Sopköket and I’ve bumped into Filip since around the time he started it. They’re doing good work! At one point we briefly exploed collaborating in Frihamnen when they were looking for a production site there but we never managed to find the right space for them at the time.

@kristofer - Check out this thread!


Hi @Olga,
Me and my toxic twin @NinaLindberg are “responsible” for the Frihamnstorget cafe/kitchen container, we use it to run our twisted restaurant . Happy to give you a tour, show you what’s what and talk about food.
we are there a lot, just finished installing some upgrades so that it’s ready for the winter.
come on down
Bob 0767092206