Food Box by Tjockis

Hello community!
Since the summer ended, we’ve missed the wonderful experience of cooking and serving food for you at Tjockis, and we’ve been thinking.
Now, @Natipettinato and I have an idea:

We’d like to start offering a monthly food box programme during the Frihamnstorget off-season, and we’d like to offer it in the form of 3 personalized tupperware boxes of Tjockis meals per week, to be left in and picked up from the freezer in the downstairs kitchen. (Delivered on Mondays, empty tupperware picked up on Thursdays) The formula is the same as Tjockis during the summer, delicious, affordable vegan or vegetarian food cooked with extra heapings of love, with set menus for each week.
Feel free to inform us about any allergies/restrictions.
Please comment below if you are interested in such a thingy. :heart:


I love this idea, and I would subscribe. I am sure that others would too!

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Sounds amazing, Im constantly stressed out by food. Depending on price ofcourse, but Im interested! P S love the name

P.P.S am vegan, no allergies

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Ohhh lovely :heart: I’m gonna send you a Pm with more info about it​:heart:

I am so in. Sign me up!

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I’d love some Tjockis for lunch!


I am also interested!

One idea is to offer the same service to Jorden Arkitekter that just moved in next door. I can bring it up with them if you want.

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Sounds great! I’m interested to try it out! Allergic to raw carrots =)

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Woohoooo! Great! :smiley::heart:
We’re very happy about your feedback and will get right on it. Our hope is to roll out the first boxes before this month is over, but we’ll definitely be going from December onwards.
Also, we’ve decided that 8 people will be our maximum amount for the time being, we will expand eventually if possible, but for now we want to do a bit of a trial-run which hopefully doesn’t become overwhelming.
For those of you who have expressed interest here, we’ll get in touch with you via whatsapp.
Looking forward to feeding you all soon! :grinning::heart: