Flower beds at Frihamnstorget

Yo! I’m excited about planting flowers and possibly also edible things in the flower beds at Frihamnstorget. My experience from gardering is that the earlier we start to plan and prepare, the prettier it gets.

Is there anyone who is especially passionate about / feels ownership over the flowerbeds? What is it that is planted in them at the moment - should we keep it or throw away? Aand, is there some sort of budget for flowers or can we make one?



You mean the ones in the wooden crates? They technically belong to the city of Stockholm, but I think that if you go guerilla we can just ask for permission later. Go nuts!

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Great :relaxed:


The city were supposed to send someone to empty them before winter (no perennial plants in them) but that never happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot about the whole thing.

We can probably quite easily get some more sent to us if we ask for it. The first 5 was a kind of pilot project.

Great! I’ll start preparing the soil and making some plans. Next step is to buy and plant seeds and bulbs. If anyone wants to join in gardening with me you are so welcome :hearts: @jakobskote, @Nicke, @Simon, @Frida_Simon, @Linnea, @bobspeakman


Aaah !Nice see u today Nina! I want with these planting and gardening!! See u tomorrow,can talk more then ! Superhug and plenty much lots of love❣

@NinaLindberg if you have any plans on heading to a flower store, please let me know as I would like to join :slight_smile:

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Yes! At the moment my plan is to grow all the seedlings at home and then bring them here when it’s warm enough to plant them outside

I’ll let you know if I go to Plantagen :heart: