First Laser Cutter 101 course has been completed!

A couple of days ago on the 9th of January we gathered for Tau’s first ever Laser Cutter 101 Intro course (placeholder name)!

It was great fun and apart from @DavidGiertta and myself also present were @MariaEuler, @Linnea, @Vinnss, @Nicke and @Frida_Simon.

Please note that this course is mandatory for anyone new to the fine craft of laser cutting.
If you have sufficient previous experience from laser cutting you can of course be granted an exception. This happens on a case by case basis. Please talk to @DavidGiertta if you feel that this applies to you.

It’s imperative that all members using the laser are well-equipped to deal with this potentially dangerous machine. Being certified to use the laser cutter is a prerequisite for getting key access to the Laser Container. The iLOQ system will be installed there but only keys that have been granted the extra laser access right will be able to open the door.

P.S. The laser cutter has been baptized “Tonya” and is a very clear she. In order words don’t mess up the gender pronouns or she will cut you up Valerie Solanas style. She was named after Tonya Harding as she cuts and slices both hard and deep and has been through a lot of shit in her life. Treat her with respect. D.S.

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And yes, someone should really fix the kerning of Tonya’s sign. It’s annoying.

From what I can read, this looks useful. Could we get these documents posted on the forum, perhaps in a Laser wiki?

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I’ve started one already. See here: Laser Cutter 101 - Introductory course (mandatory before use) [WIKI]

They have been posted also elsewhere on the forum: Use of laser cutter

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This makes me so happy to see <3
Thank you @hampus and @DavidGiertta for making this happen!
I look forward to getting certified :wink:
/ g


Thank you @guff for lending us the machine!