First external test for Dreams

@Forestblessing reached out on the Borderland forum about wanting to use Dreams for an event he is involved in running.

He has set up his own version and wants to contribute. In fact, he wrote more than half of the code for the Ruby on Rails Dreams platform and was the first to take it from the Borderland to other events.

In an ideal world - I would use the mutli tanent and using an admin - Supply graphic assets, texts and set the custom field and email, Setting my own domain (Or redirection) - This would probably take longer to build (Not sure what out of that is already completed) - so I guess in the meanwhile - I might start with simply deploying my own version to a server and customizing it for my single use.

He has found a bunch of stuff that he would like to add, so I’ve asked him to coordinate here, and we might be getting some pull requests to the main repo. :slight_smile:

Ping @gustav


This is great news! :smiley:

Hello dreamer of the dreams platform :wave:t3:
Thank you @hugi for the warm welcome.
I’m really excited to take part in the work and re-collaborate :muscle:t3:

The following describes the Missing parts for the new Dreams platform for us to use it in the WATIF event (The event is in Merch 2021 and the actual deadline of the platform and start of use is in October 2020).

We would also have an amazing UX/UI Designer (ex Wix) that would help us.

There are 2 methods:

  • Either we fork from the main repo and make custom changes OR
  • We contribute directly to the main repo
    Seems like the second option would benefit all sides and would allow us to work in parallel

Missing on Develop category

  1. Custom fields per event (Such as ×´Electricity needed×´)
  2. General Pages per event (Such as FAQ page, Event Policy page) - A faster option would be to have a known number of static pages.
  3. Dream creation - Special field “Help needed” - Tell the community what you are missing.
  4. A view that allows users to filter by that Help needed field (stated above)
  5. [Low] Ability to set welcome email per event

Missing Multi events - Setting [optional] features

The following features should be turned ON / OFF per event

  1. Granting - Users should be able to set their budget items but not necessary to have the whole granting process by the community.
  2. [Low] Integration to a ticket system - Pretix should be optional.


  1. Edit dream - Add “Edit dream” button for easy access for “less savy users”

TBD - Happier user journeys

  1. Upon entering a dream - finding an easy way to contribute to it (Perhaps a button that urge the user to login to comment

TBD / Questions

  1. Is it search engine friendly?
  2. What about the upload process - are we okay to use the same cloudinary api key? Is it currently free?

P.S where should I report bugs?

Thank you