FB weekend-events with work schedule?

Hi all! I would like to volunteer to make an event on Sunday to get volunteers. I learned that it was a bit hectic last Easter dinner (12/4), so I would like to make the following proposal:

Next event this Sunday. (19/4)

  • A google form with a sign-up sheet for 2 shifts: 10-15 and 15-20.
  • Lunch prepared served at 1.30. (I cook)
  • Potluck dinner at 7.

The idea is to try to reach out to new volunteers, spread out the volunteers and have a steady stream.

I can organize everything (with brainstorming welcome). What do you think?

I already arranged food sponsoring from Ica Kvantum.

  • I am a manager who can be present for morning shift
  • I am a manager who can be present for evening shift

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