Exhibition space in my room instead of storage

@Sero had a nice idea at the AW last friday, that I should clean up the storage space opposite to the windows in my room and instead set up a sort of exhibition space with some of the costumes and maybe some stop-motion things Ive done. I will ofcourse take the brunt of the work cleaning the space up. What do you all think about that? ping @Ollxor @cecilia_ulfsdotter @Simon @hugi @hampus @Alex.Colard


Sounds good

Lovely Idea! So nice to see everyone taking so much care of the shared spaces. It makes me super happy. Let me know if I can help @Emanu

thanks diana, that response makes me happy :slight_smile:

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sure go for it

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Sounds great!

As you already know @Emanu I support this suggestion. The only thing that’s important to remember here is that there is a continuous need for access to office supplies at Tau (I get asked questions about it almost every week) so we can’t just remove these things without replacing the function somewhere else. Solve that question first and then feel free to execute on the change.

Long-term I think the natural place for these things would be in the Open Space room, but until the enlargement and make-over has happened there there is not much space for it unless the “random use” stainless steel bench is to become the new designated office area.

Alternative 2 is to create such a space in Fixed desk room where Alex is. i.e. temporarily sacrificing one such fixed space to become the new office supplies and free for all-desk.