Electronics ⚡


Looking GREAT!

No, we can just ask nicely. :slight_smile:


Really fantastic work @jonasjohansson and @IdaMaria!!!

I’ve added in a box with the wall hooks/hangers that you asked for. See photo. It was on the floor in the corridor. You can also find more surplus hooks (smaller sizes) in the woodshop, on the wall with electric cables and inside the Node storage (ask for code).

I’ve also switched out the faulty splitter/grendosa on the end table so that the lighting works again.


Extra hooks for perforated walls:


Thank you @hampus for putting up the shelves in the Storage Room and also showing me the hooks :slight_smile:

I think we need a new set of hooks made for smaller components, that can hold boxes etc. and maybe storage boxes for those hooks:

Something like:

@Ollxor @ubbesen any input?

I’ll try to come by today to make a rough sorting of the boxes outside of the electronics space and move whatever is needed into storage or elsewhere.

@Ollxor will you be able to drop by June 10-20 for a collective organisational round? I then leave for west coast.


Hooks lokin good!

Yes! One of these days should most def be possiblurb. Let’s find one that fits. I’m here now (Beta) and for maybe an hour or so more if you wanna have a brief chat.


I may arrive this evening for a brief moment. Let me know which days work for you, Wednesday 13th of June is good with me, afternoon to evening.


Hey team,

@Ollxor and I will meet on 13 June, Wednesday afternoon to evening. Mission is to go over the additions made by @IdaMaria and myself, as well as to go over the boxes of material outside of the space - As well as look at new purchases / do inventory.

Suggestions on new inventory can be made here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m8Z1MYJDfI_W6nyiOis7Ue1jElMBKgNi2yLmUZiKQpU/edit?usp=sharing

For instance, we’d like to consider a great labeling system for the boxes, cutting mats and more. Please add so that we can make a shared decision :slight_smile:

See you around!


Noted, @jonasjohansson . Keep me in the loop on how much you would like to spend.


Great! I can probably join in towards the evening.


Hey! @Ollxor and I have looked at the inventory list today and have some things we would like to order.

In this document there’s a bunch of things we think would be great to have :slight_smile: Instead of last time where we made the order using the Blivande credit card, how do you think we should do it this time? Would it be possible for @hugi to make the order or @hampus?

We have one thing missing from this sheet which are the attachments for the Verktygstavla along with boxes for those attachments, but I will add these shortly - either way they will be from a separate vendor most likely.


It looks like there are quite a few suppliers. We already have a company account with BAUHAUS, send me your personnummer and I will create an account for you there so you can order yourself. You can use Signal or Telegram to send your personnummer in an encrypted message, my number is +46723044006.

On Condrad, I just registered an account. I will send you the username and password on the same encrypted channel as you send me your personnummer on. For Kjell, I just applied for company credit there too, and once it comes through you’ll be able to log in there too.

At Bauhaus, Conrad and Kjell we can buy on credit and get invoiced.

For Adafruit, we need to use the card. Probably best that you just grab @hampus and have him lend you the card when you’re in the house.


Great, thank you!

I will place the order before end of June as I will be in Stockholm most of July.

@ubbesen and anyone else, anything you see that is crucial that we are missing?