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Hooks lokin good!

Yes! One of these days should most def be possiblurb. Let’s find one that fits. I’m here now (Beta) and for maybe an hour or so more if you wanna have a brief chat.

I may arrive this evening for a brief moment. Let me know which days work for you, Wednesday 13th of June is good with me, afternoon to evening.

Hey team,

@Ollxor and I will meet on 13 June, Wednesday afternoon to evening. Mission is to go over the additions made by @IdaMaria and myself, as well as to go over the boxes of material outside of the space - As well as look at new purchases / do inventory.

Suggestions on new inventory can be made here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m8Z1MYJDfI_W6nyiOis7Ue1jElMBKgNi2yLmUZiKQpU/edit?usp=sharing

For instance, we’d like to consider a great labeling system for the boxes, cutting mats and more. Please add so that we can make a shared decision :slight_smile:

See you around!

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Noted, @jonasjohansson . Keep me in the loop on how much you would like to spend.

Great! I can probably join in towards the evening.

Hey! @Ollxor and I have looked at the inventory list today and have some things we would like to order.

In this document there’s a bunch of things we think would be great to have :slight_smile: Instead of last time where we made the order using the Blivande credit card, how do you think we should do it this time? Would it be possible for @hugi to make the order or @hampus?

We have one thing missing from this sheet which are the attachments for the Verktygstavla along with boxes for those attachments, but I will add these shortly - either way they will be from a separate vendor most likely.

It looks like there are quite a few suppliers. We already have a company account with BAUHAUS, send me your personnummer and I will create an account for you there so you can order yourself. You can use Signal or Telegram to send your personnummer in an encrypted message, my number is +46723044006.

On Condrad, I just registered an account. I will send you the username and password on the same encrypted channel as you send me your personnummer on. For Kjell, I just applied for company credit there too, and once it comes through you’ll be able to log in there too.

At Bauhaus, Conrad and Kjell we can buy on credit and get invoiced.

For Adafruit, we need to use the card. Probably best that you just grab @hampus and have him lend you the card when you’re in the house.

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Great, thank you!

I will place the order before end of June as I will be in Stockholm most of July.

@ubbesen and anyone else, anything you see that is crucial that we are missing?

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:zap: Update :zap:

Lot’s of things have arrived.

  • Wall mounts for the tool wall
  • Desk PSU 20A
  • Proper heat gun
  • Proper soldering station
  • Cutting mat

Some things I missed:

  • The actual iron for the station! Argh! (I need to visit Kjell…)
  • The fact that the PSU is 5A front and 20A rear! Argh! (I have remedied this by bringing my personal 10A PSU…
  • The cutting mat is not as excellent as I would have hoped! (I have remedied this by bringing my personal mats)

The labels for the boxes have yet to arrive, so I took the old labels for the shelves and sliced them up. Now all the boxes are a bit easier to mark and read. It’s a temporary solution, the glue and quality of these are dodgy. Works, but not ideal.

What to do now?

I’ve got 3-4 large boxes basically labelled “Stuff” which needs going through… I’ve brought my own personal inventory and added to the current one so… Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff.

I’ve made two boxes with “Hey, we have too much stuff of this stuff and it’s up for grabs…” which are by the door. Should think of a better solution for this.

Beckmans is opening up soon again so I may do some nice prints. The first plan is to print manifest/instructions for room along with Swish information.

As always, others are free to join in the electronics room shenanigans… :slight_smile:


Excellent work as always dear Jonas! You have my vote for Tau member of the month award! :slight_smile:

I’m always happy to walk passed the electronics room seeing the tidiness and order in there. Like a beacon of hope and promise for the rest of Tau…

:blush: :blush: :blush:

Thank you!

Step by step…

I find it challenging to get people to join/come over. Our target group feels slim:

Professional enough to realise the need for a designated space beside a co-office, desk space, working from home.

Not Professional enough to not already have this, or work at a place that has it.

At the same time, they must feel they have enough work/projects that warrant dishing out the money, and not just a small tinkering task here and there.

Our expected participation/involvement is higher than that of Stockholm Makerspace, where you can sort of just head after school/work and tinker.

Even myself, I have only a need for such a space rarely. Perhaps 2-3 times a year, I am however highly motivated maintaining such a space and believe it is important for it to exist.


Perhaps it’s time to have a workshop with our current members and find a way out of this catch 22. Maybe @brooks could help us here?


A new member here dropping by to say hi!

Been reading older threads today to get up to speed on what’s happening around Tao, especially the electronics room as I foresee myself spending some time there.
Thanks to everyone who’s worked on making it into what it is today.
Look forward to helping out to further develop the and co-create with you :slight_smile:



Do we know each other already?

www.jonasjohansson.se, here’s a link to my Messenger - please add me there if we aren’t already digital friends!

I was just there today organising the organising… :slight_smile:

Happy to have you on board! Welcome!!


Welcome, Sebastian! Looking forward to meeting you! :smile:

I have one thing to add, I see in the excel sheet that there are quite a few things from adafruit on order. I have noticed that even though the customer service is excellent, it will most likely be possible to get those stuff from mouser.se instead for a cheaper price. If you buy over 500sek you also get free shipping (which from Adafruit do can add up to quite a bit).



Hey all people in the house!

I shared this with one of the crisis response regulars before I left, but also sharing it here:

I’ve been “cleaning” (moving things from one place to another) in the Electronics Room and yesterday when the crisis activity went down I moved some things out into the hallway.

It is not a permanent solution and I will put most of it back in the room this morning, and some of it will go to trash

I’ve already spoken to @ubbesen @Ollxor and @bobspeakman who will to some degree reclaim/move their items within the next weeks (as the house “returns to normal”).

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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Things are back in the room!

@ubbesen if you are picking up your stuff, please remember to bring storage since I think most of the boxes belong to the room. I think you can come whenever :slight_smile:

@Ollxor I think I have your stuff grouped, let me know when you want to pick up - perhaps I misplaced something or put it in a secret spot.

@bobspeakman your stuff is pretty much where you left :slight_smile:

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There are currently some stuff left by the back entrance to Tau, which will be cleared on Monday. Just FYI if someone is like “w t f”.

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Tiny update:

  1. I made it nicer again, relevant tools (most tools) are in the blue drawer.

  2. The hot glue gun was stuffed with black glue. Tried to fix it, couldn’t. Please don’t let hot glue get stuck inside. I’ll get rid of the black glue, perhaps it was due to its properties (dunno).

  3. I labeled all the little plastic bags inside the boxes, ie. USB-boxes are labeled and also LED-strips-bags.

  4. We are moving out the LED-plastic tubes in August making an install with @annielocke, so that shelf should be free’d up.

  5. I moved out the LCD-screen and the bag of mobile phones @Gravklot. Please inquire in the forum if there is a need before gifting it. In our case, we have SO much stuff, that what we need is to make use of the materials at Blivande, rather than to add more to it.

There is no official guideline regarding gifting, but here’s my take.

Gifting is a dialogue. Giving something, without expecting compensation, is a beautiful act. So, thank you for doing that. I do believe however that there should be an immediate receiver in the other end, or, that the gift is provided in such a way that it finds an immediate place / there is an immediate need.

Without this in mind, we quickly get boxes that just say “random stuff”, with no one taking responsibility for the material inside. Even more often, members leave, and they also leave their gifts, turning a positive act into a burden for the members.

I left your items in the corridor with your name on it, so you can decide what to do with them. I encourage you to ask in the forum if someone has an interest, otherwise consider keeping it at home, or disposing of if.

Are there ever exceptions to this? Of course. We have a bunch of boxes, one that just says USB. Is there an immediate need for 50 USB cables? Hell no. But it’s a very common thing, and a very relevant place within the room. It’s a gray area, so - let’s talk about the things you wish to give to the space. There’s for instance a box with only motors, if you feel like taking out the vibration motor of all the phones, then by all means, there’s a place for it :smiley:

  1. Someone left a white metal hollow box that I simply put in the corridor as well. Perhaps it’s yours @Ollxor? I already asked Björn :slight_smile: Either way, if not taken, I’ll dispose of it as I return from the forest festival.


In case it is not apparent I really struggle with “messy” spaces. And a mess can be fine if contained in a box, and neatly tucked away, with the intention to sort it. Stugan was a nightmare for me. I dreaded every moment being there, and I am SO HAPPY to not be there anymore.

Please, build stuff, make projects - or at the very least, store your stuff in a way that it does not prevent others from feeling calm while working.

  1. We are going to the Forest festival tomorrow and bringing our stuff from the Flex room along with plastic tubes FYI. See you in 10 days!


Also, sorry for putting stuff in the corridor, it is not the place, but damnit the “storage room” got messy again - what . the . fuck . happened . there.