Electronics ⚡


Hi everyone! End of March, April and May I will try to help structure the Electronics room.

@ubbesen @Linda and @hampus and others have already done stellar work.

  1. Do we have a Spreadsheet already for all the Electronics equipment? I have done the inventory for 3 Makerspaces / environments and would love to create this or build on top of an existing one.

Tau Plan and To-do I had a positive reply from Hugi before so I am going to go for it!

  1. Is there anyone else, other than the names mentioned above, who feels strongly about the Electronics room in terms of inventory? Maybe @MariaEuler?

  2. How should we most effectively communicate between us, a channel in Slack? Forums are great for everything but chatting, and chatting my come in handy. Thoughts?

  3. It would be great for me to have a kickoff (I know many of you have already worked hard for several months and I am sliding in on a banana peel here), are there days where you @ubbesen and Linda (for instance) are on location and we could “make a plan” together (or include me in your plan)?


Woho! Been missing your presence @jonasjohansson!

1. To my knowledge there is no master spreadsheet for the electronics, but I could be wrong.
In any case it’s amazing that it’s something you would like to drive!

2. @Ollxor? @elch? @Jan_vL? @dsandber? @bobspeakman? @LinearMilk? Melina maybe? She’s not registered here yet though it seems.

3. Yes, please use our existing Slack if that works for the group. Would be great to avoid Facebook/Messenger since that forces people onto that platform. We have existing Tau channels on the Slack already.

Another alternative would be if we all used Signal for encrypted chats, not that we have anything to hide but just out of principle and to grow the habit. It’s a very good app! Easy to use. You can call, videochat and send SMS, photos, video you name it. Any other suggestions?

4. We have a set day every day (Wed afternoon and early evening) when we try to meet up at Tau and push things forward. Personally I’m in the house Tue-Thu all day long and can usually invest a couple of hours into Tau with some notice.

  1. Here is the google doc that christian made:
    4.sounds like a good idea, im avialable to and from. (no work for another 3 months)


@hampus - how do I get on Tau slack?


I’ll send an invite to the email you’ve registered with on SMPL!

  1. I am sharing my personal template for structuring inventory which I’ve used in the past so mind you this document is pre-filled with lots of stuff.

Would be great if we could add the tools we require and have currently, along with links and pricing.

Let’s be as detailed as we feel we need. I think that for new purchases it’s great to be clear and specific to others, but don’t think we need to add every cable etc. that we find :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve tried to copy the work of the existing spreadsheet so all those items are in.

  2. I’ve created the channel #tau-electronics in Slack, please invite yourself. It’s a public channel.

  3. I will be at Tau next week Tuesday afternoon to late evening and also on Wednesday.


Yesterday Markus Persson and I brought our materials from Svartljus as well as a large amount of cables etc that would be for general use. We met with @ubbesen and Olle Bjerkås and began very initial discussions on how to arrange the space.

Here’s how I left it.

Normally I would never leave anything out in the hall way as this is a sacred space. However, there’s just so much stuff in the electronics room that I/we really don’t think should be there.

  1. Should we set a deadline for when all of this is to be removed from Tau? Objects/materials that should be taken into consideration for the inventory must stay a bit but all else? The 15 or so moving boxes all contained items that I found questionable for the Electronics room

Can we set a deadline for removal of personal belongings? What would a good amount of time be? 17th of April, 2nd of May?

  1. Instead of moving things from the Electronics room to the “storage” room next to it, I think it would be wiser to not just move things around but for items to be removed from Blivande completely. Otherwise we are stuck in a spiral of just moving around moop. And we need to be able to access/understand the purpose of this storage space - for instance we have a lot of “technical gear” such as speakers, stands, compressor etc. maybe this space is a good place for that? “large technical gear” that should not be in an everyday work environment but still accessible as they are used rarely but still useful.

Can we agree that the storage space next to the Electronics room is not cluttered anymore, it’s currently not possible to even set up the shelves due to the amount of stuff in the way. And that it should not be used as a catch-all storage space for mattresses etc. and set a deadline here as well for pickup - we probably know who owns things?

  1. I also noticed that there’s private storage space in the painting area, or shelves with names on it. Perhaps it would be interesting to discuss whether personal storage should even exist in shared rooms. Has there been discussions to ONLY allow for personal storage in 1 room, and for all other rooms to only have general purpose items / shared items? This would mean that personal storage is a bit more secured, and that general purpose space is used for just that.

Any thoughts on this? Would be fantastic to have some type of code of conduct / policy and implement it from the start. I personally am not a big fan of taking up common space with my items, and since many of us work on “projects” from time to time it makes sense I think that project items are not publicly accessible at all times. 1-2 Project Boxes / Personal Storage makes sense to me, for instance if you’re a painter and use certain colours but ideally the items should not be stored permanently unless a certain financial deal is struck (storage space should cost a bit extra).

For next steps we would like to meet soon again, but in order to do a proper inventory and seriously consider the space as a professional and inviting area we have to be able to physicaly move in the room. I understand that we all stored a lot at Stugan (Svartljus as well) and Blivande runs the risk of being a “permanent” “temporary” storage space which I think would make it extremely difficult for us to get new members excited.


Thank you @jonasjohansson!

I wholeheartedly agree!
Worth noting is that today Malin and Gustaf has been here emptying out their temporary storage room. So there is now some more breathing space at Tau that should ease this transition. We can use this room - TEMPORARILY - as a sorting station for everything that needs to be combed through and either moved away from Blivande or sorted into its proper long-term space.

I will start by today moving over all the boxes from the electronics room so that the electronics room is freed up. Also you should know that a big reason for the blockage in the storage room next to the electronics room is that Simon is currently rebuilding his room (putting in a new raised floor to create more storage space) and in the meantime he has moved out his stuff into the storage room. He’s soon finished there and then those items will go back.

I personally have no insight into what is in those boxes. I know around 50% of it belongs to Olle and the remaining half is a mixed of “good to have things” from Stugan without a clear owner. Let’s set at date very soon for a big sorting mission! Crucial that @Ollxor can be a part of that. When would be a good date for you, Olle? Maybe it could be the same date as the deadline for the tools purchase?

When it comes to 3. those stuff all belong to Katarina who has been given permission to do so by @hugi several months ago as a quickfix to an issue then. It’s something that can be revisited/re-evaluated as things change and we become more members. I will make sure to empty the shelves in the corridor outside the main room to free up some more personal storage space.

If you would like to start writing a draft for a future CoC that would be amazing. Please do! Ideally we can do it iteratively here in a dedicated thread on the forum so everyone can take part and feedback into it.

  1. Malin and Gustaf cleaning out their space - Fantastic!

Let’s, like you say, use this is a temporary space (hereby known as Temp Space) to give the other rooms some air. Moving the boxes from the electronics room would be fantastic.

  1. If we are moving the boxes from Electronics to the Temp Space, then Simon is not in any rush to complete the flooring. But fantastic to know it’s almost there!

  2. Many of the boxes belong to Olle and I agree that we should have a large collective sorting mission. I’d love to join in on that!

  3. The room with items of Katarina must perhaps be sorted quite soon so that the shelves can be set up. Is this something you are able to do by yourself or need a hand with (the shelves)? It’s a fair amount of stuff and I could come by next week and give you a hand.

  4. I’ll start a draft for some kind of co-created Policy, I’ll start a new thread for that.



Katarina isn’t registered here on the forum yet (to my knowledge). @hugi can you talk to her about that? Great if we can all at least tag all members here. I can make sure Simon does the same.

Let’s start with clearing out the electronics room and getting the storage room operational again (and safe, since the shelves still need to be attached to the wall).

Thank you for taking on the CoC/policy!


Hey everyone, happy pagan holidays :slight_smile:

On Wednesday 1st of May (besides taking to the streets) I will assist @Ollxor (Olle Bjerkås) as we move out and drive away with large quantities of the materials left in the Electronics space.

Our intention is to be at Tau from 10am.

Anyone who wishes to join this quite marvellous occasion is free to do so :sunny:


Great news! I might very well be there.


I’ll be there to help out! Linnéa and I are actually there right now clearing out stuff from Tau!


Today Olle and I are going through the boxes in the room. Happy first of May!

We have also ordered storage as well, opaque stackable boxes from IKEA (Sockerbit) with lids that stick. We ordered 24 large, 12 medium and 12 small. If more are needed we can look at that later but this would fill current needs as well as provide personal storage (we are imagining some of them can have a persons name on it for a project).

We also ordered 1 additional large transparent on wheels as I already brought 2 of those into the mix. The Sockerbit also seem to match the transparent Samla which I brought several of (medium and small).

All of this arrive on Sunday of all days so I/we may be here on that day as well to receive the drop off.


Great work! Thank you.

Just so I know, did you order this on our IKEA account or on your own account?


I forwarded the confirmation to hugi@blivande.com as per Hampus suggestion. The order was made on my IKEA account. Was not aware we had one for Blivande, but would like to use that for further purchases.

Could you pass me account details for IKEA?

Do we have a guideline forum post or page somewhere with how to best make purchases for Blivande?

Order will arrive on 7th of May 8.00-22.00, me or my intern Ida will be there to pick up.


Thanks for pushing things forward in the Electronics room! Sorry I couldn’t help out more.

I will be in the house on the 7th after 09 in the morning until at least 17 or so. So during those hours I could receive the delivery. I could also come earlier at 08 if necessary. Just let me know.


We have two cards at IKEA used to pay for things with credit at the physical store. I assume the card number would be sufficient for online purchases?

I’ll send you a picture of the card over Signal if you have that app? Sorry for not mentioning it before, it slipped my mind that we have it when you were making the purchase.

There’s no written guide as of yet on best practices for purchases but that would indeed be great to have on the forum. Basically we have credit at Bauhaus (tied to a physical card similar to IKEA) and we are working on getting a similar setup with Hornbach but that requires us to physically drive there first.

All purchases should be made either on invoice set out to Blivande Idéer AB (you can find all the info by searching at allabolag.se) or by paying directly with our Swedbank credit card and saving the receipt (taking a picture of it immediately after purchase is very important in case it gets lost in transit).

But yes, we’ll write a guide!


We’ve ordered and received storage for the electronics space. We decided on Sockerbit and made a solid order that will keep us running.

Sockerbit because:

  • White, no more transparent boxes. And because shelves and walls are white so they blend in well.
  • Lid that sticks, no more floppy lids or open boxes
  • Stackable.
  • Affordable, I suppose!
  • Modular. We ordered Large, Medium and Small which are 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 in size.

I have a large amount of Samla which are of a similar size so “my” boxes will be around too which are transparent.

The order was 4 days delayed and arrived this weekend which was suboptimal for working due to other engagements, so the room is currently a mess. I am aware.

On Thursday me and @IdaMaria will have a full day at Tau engaging in the electronics space. We have also worked during the week on lighting which made it very clear which general supplies should be available. Will also be there for a few hours on Tuesday making the space acceptable for others to exist in.

We also have an idea of creating a small LED strip shop. I’d like to make a large order of both 12V and 5V LEDs and keep them in storage in the electronics space. When I say large I mean around 50-100m that is available at any time. Anyone could then use these for Borderland projects or others at a much cheaper price than distributors in Europe and Sweden. This would be a part of Svartljus and not Tau was my first thought. Hope you like this idea :slight_smile:

As reference, 1m Neopixel costs:

250 SEK at Kjell
300 SEK at M.nu
70-100 SEK at AliExpress

We would also provide some kind of education / tutorial on which power supplies to use, adapters, controllers and more.

That’s it for now!


[zap] Update!

I’ve re-arranged a bit.

  • Storage boxes are in place
  • They are soft labeled now, very temporary with masking tape and pen. Please don’t do anything permanent yet.
  • @ubbesen and @Ollxor your things are on separate shelves!
  • @Ollxor I’ve had to move out a few boxes, some just containing ropes etc. in order to be able to tidy up inside. We need to have another day I think together to go through these. Hopefully it will be easier when the storage space next to us is properly set up. @hampus i think is away for a while so unsure when that would happen, but for now - it’s all standing outside.
  • I’ve moved the small sortiment-lockers out to the flex space. We really don’t need 6 of these!
  • I’ve moved the drawers out, there was nothing inside and I am of the opinion that when we need drawers, we get them - until we need them, they don’t have a place inside…
  • I moved out one of the tables, we can now be 2 people on the end desk instead of 1!
  • I moved the blue storage unit, so the space feels much lighter and there’s more space between the table and the shelves towards the glass.

I’ve done some other things too but what is left is:

  • Going through all the stuff outside
  • Setting up the next door storage so that the stuff outside has anywhere to go (if we aim to keep it)
  • Wiping of all surfaces (seriously, most of the stuff that was put in was dirty!)
  • Wiping the floor!
  • Coming up with a great labeling solution for boxes
  • Setting up more wall hooks for tools, @Ollxor, @hampus do you know if we have more of these wall hooks - I am referring to the perforated wall panel.
  • Going through all our items and doing an inventory, what to ditch what to keep what to get more of.
  • Writing our little manifesto of how this space is used.

Over and out.

Oh and @linlj we have kept your antenna thingies on the top shelf, they are safe there.

Btw @hampus @hugi can we somewhat force people to use their names as handles, its impossible to know what everyones handles are…