Electronics Room Spring Cleaning

Alright, time for things to disappear, and reappear somewhere else.

Hear ye’, hear ye’ it is time to let things go (for the room, but for you it’s really to let things come). If they are not gone in a week they are trash. @hampus where can we throw electronics? I didn’t see a space for it in the back.

Oh, everyting is by the Tau rear entrance (which I forgot to lock damnit as I left last time, please lock it).

Box 1 (soldering stuff + other stuff)

A box of random electronics things, lots of soldering equipment, some un-earthed powerbars (yay) and other goodies. Take what you want. There’s like all the soldering helping hands in there.

Maybe @dsandber is into this?

Box 2 (some weird lamp and other funky also weird lamps)

Probably these belong to someone, that someone can come to take them. Otherwise, they are gone forever.

Maybe these belong to @bobspeakman?

Box 3 (stuff no one needs, but except perhaps you)

This box has things that you can use for places that I am not sure of. But I don’t think we need them, no one has needed them. If you don’t take them, they will disappear completely.

Box 4 (clothes)

Someone’s clothes, maybe @Ollxor?

Box 5 (electronics)

This is a box of goodies, lots of servos, lots of motors, lots of RF circuit boards, lots of things here and there. Totally useless. Maybe?

Box 6 (lights and cameras?)

Here’s a blue bag with lighting stuff, the white boxes has big bulbs, maybe these belong to @Frida_Simon (I don’t know Simon’s tag…)?

Box 8 (oooOoOOoOOo jars!)

Someone’s jars with lights inside, maybe @Ollxor or @bobspeakman knows?


Nothing of mine but maybe I will scavenge a few things if they are heading for the trash, will allow for some claiming time.
Electronics room looks pretty swish! I’ll upgrade my organisation in there too when I find the hours.

No one has claimed any of these for a very long time so that should be fine :slight_smile:

You mean the Studio room where the main PPE production has happened?

The soldering helping hands are mine. There’s also components/hooks for the wall storage system in some boxes and other stuff I recognize. Hinges.

Will take my stuff today and make it reappear elsewhere. I will want to keep at least one soldering helping hand inside the room though. Or do you already have other better ones?

I’ve made a little box for that by the main Tau entrance from the rest of the house. But it’s tiny and not a long-term solution. Would be great if a proper system was put in place. Any such system should include regular emptying/going to the recycling station at Lidingö by car.

We have soldering hands, they are in the storage blue box, I just locked things up as several tools disappeared.

We have plenty, all the things in that box of soldering hands and other soldering equipment is extra. I think we have about 8 soldering hands in total.

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Great with Electronics! I will find a way :slight_smile:

Happy to give the storage room next to Electronics a thorough think one day.

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