EL wire - it needs some love

I planned to make an installation with the el-wire that’s been hanging around in the garden container.
The electronics are all corroded, needs a good clean up or a replacement inverter. Maybe @Ollxor has a spare.
Who is the owner? What do you want doing with it? I’m not going to spend the time giving it a deep clean.

Specs for a replacement and the easy option

I have wrote the supplier to check the price

@jakobskote bought this and Blivande paid from the budget for the 100 year anniversary last year. It’s communally owned, so either try to rescue it if you can, but if it’s beyond saving, we should throw it away. We should not build up a storage of “things somebody could maybe fix in the future” so if it’s your assessment that it’s too much work to fix it, ask if someone wants it, and if not we should throw it away.

Then I’ll probably fix it and take a share of ownership/responsibility :wink:

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Great, feel free to co-opt it into whatever installation you want!

It’s bought from http://www.thinlight.se/, that are just around the corner of us up in Gärdet. You can also check with them for replacements, they like us and gave us a good price in the first place.

Dont throw away the wires just because the adapter is broken, the wires are the expensive part!

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