Drive-in Bio

Vi har fått tips från “Smart Kreativ Stad” om dessa visningsaktörer som kan vara smart att kontakta för samarbete:

  • Panoramica
  • Tempodokumentärfestival
  • Cinema Africa
  • Bio Aspen (ett kvartersbiograf i Aspudden som har fått ställa in en filmfest nu i sommar)

Jag har även en vän (Ruxandra) som brukar sätta ihop kortfilmsvisningar, hon är inte i sthlm i sommar men kan ge oss ett av hennes program (vi behöver då cleara visningsrätterna med de olika filmerna men sen är det bara o köra från en laptop)
Kan ge kontaktuppgifter eller koppla ihop med henne om det är intressant



So I would really like to try and make this happen before the summer is over. I know @Simon and @Linnea has expressed interest in co-creating something (popcorn waitresses on roller skates!). Anyone else up for it?

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Projektor-utlysningen från Smart Kreativ Stad stängde i början på Juli, men kanske har någon annan en projektor?

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Yes, shouldn’t be that hard to find a projector for an evening. As long as we can turn off the parking floodlights for the night and we go for end of August at 21 or so it wouldn’t have to be a super powerful one I guess.

“OK”: 3000 Lumen
“Good”: 4000 Lumen
“Great” 5000 Lumen
“Fantastic!” 6000 Lumen+

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Yes, that was my estimate as well and we even have a 3200 lumen HD-projector in-house already if we can’t find anything better.

Aaa. Sounds very Nice with drive -in bio❣. Im jo to it if when here. Though cant rollerblades but others❣

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I’m definitely interested in helping! Would love to help with planning/theme/movie choices. I could also help with creating a poster?

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Rumtiden has several proiectors that I am sure they could lend out / rent for a symbolic fee. Write Håkan and give my regards!

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@SofiaAnner @hampus @hugi and anyone else.

Just FYI we are borrowing 1-2 projectors (11K Lumen) on 8-12 September. If you decide you wish to create an event you could use this equipment on either the 10th or 11th.

Cost of equipment is 1500 SEK for rental, which we could split half-way.


Yes, I would love to do outdoor cinema! :slight_smile:
Any ideas for where we could get a large white surface to display on? I’m thinking we could hang it from the “BAM-side” of the BAM box, and put chairs out on the parking lot?


Yes, hanging it on the BAM-side has been the plan for the start for a big drive-in/bike-in screening. But it depends on the scale.

For a smaller screening we can also do something inside the dome and hang the screen between the struts. That could work well combined with soft flooring and lots of pillows and blankets (and a screen mounted hign angled downwards).

I will contact a guy a know that has done a a lot of outdoor screenings in Gambia for a project there. He should have experience on how to do it cheaply. Low quality plywood mounted on a wooden frame for stability and painted white could probably work too, suspended over the BAM sign.

Ping @caspar has a project that would fit here and could maybe include a screen

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I’ve had a lunch meeting today with a filmmaker and old acquaintance called Said who works two days a week in Frihamnen at NENT production company. He’s very interested in collaborating with us on event cinema at Frihamnstorget and we’re now thinking to try organizing something smaller already for 10th or 11th of September. He will now meet with another guy called Jakob who works with film distribution and is part of running Bio Capitol. They are inspired by stuff like Secret Cinema and want to make similar things happen in Stockholm.
Will have more info after Wednesday!

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Yay, Secret Cinema. The first day I arrived in my home in London I was met with a big Back to the Future Secret Cinema experience :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Haven’t Nanna and Owen been involved in that somehow @jonasjohansson ?

I think Nanna was maybe actress in one of the events, or in a similar event. I remember partaking in a pagan ritual, where I licked caramel blood from vixens, and ate a crystal from the white maidens. And I am pretty sure Nanna was a maiden.


Super awesome!

We’ve had another follow-up meeting yesterday (Monday) together with Jakob Abrahamsson who works both with Bio Capitol and the film distributor Nonstop Entertainment.

Said is looking into getting a good deal or even sponsorship from Ljud & Bildmedia for a big screen. The current suggestion is that we screen El Topo since Nonstop owns the distributing rights for that and the event would be easy to work as we already have access to The Wet Baguette and good outfits (can only complement with rentals from Independent and SVT Rekvisita).