Dreams platform About section

This platform is a place to share, develop, and allocate resources to ideas. Any member can propose an idea, invite others to contribute, receive comments from others, and receive funding to realize the project.

We believe all ideas are worth considering. This platform doesn’t expect detailed planned out proposals, instead, it encourages roughly sketched out ideas that the community flesh out together. If you have an idea and are willing to put in work to make it happen - then go make it!

We believe in the power of a community in solving their own problems. This platform allows any member to review others’ proposals, and point out potential issues. In most cases, no central authority is responsible for this vetting process, instead the responsibility lies with the members of the community - i.e. you!

We believe in the power of a community to know what ideas they want to happen. This platform allows the members to allocate the resources between the proposals. Each member gets a certain amount of grants, which they distribute among the proposed ideas in a granting run.

Ideas period

  • Every member can propose ideas on the platform, and invite others to co-create.

Proposals period

  • All ideas on the platform are fleshed out and finalised into ready proposals.
  • Members can comment on each others ideas, point out potential issues and come with suggestions of how to fix them.
  • This period might in many cases overlap with the ideas period.

Granting period

  • All proposals that are complete enough to meet the community guidelines are approved for granting by the event administrator.
  • Each member gets allocated a certain amount of grants.
  • During the granting period, the members distribute the grants between the ideas they want to see happen.
  • When the granting period is over, remaining undistributed grants are redistributed by the event administrator, and the list of funded ideas are presented to the community.

After this is done we have a set of awesome co-created ideas that we can bring into the world!

Below follows more specific information related to this event.

@hugi @MariaEuler Here’s a draft of the “about” section for the dreams platform. A bit difficult to write as some things are not in place yet, and it needs to be vague enough to fit all use cases, but a start. Please edit as you see fit.

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