Dreams in residence - question about budget/purchasing



I have a question regarding purchasing things for my dream. If I understood it correctly, there is a budget for things needed to build stuff at Tau for Borderland. I have dream grant already, but it’s not covering even closely the material cost I have so far. Which is OK, but I wonder if its OK to buy say steel beams, expoxy glue, screws and other stuff, either at Bauhaus or at some place selling and bending steel (I have emailed bromma stål today and waiting for a reply).

If so, whats the budget / limit? Are there restrictions on whats OK to purchase?

I feel this is somewhat loosely defined, and I would greatly appreciate some guidance.

If I’m invoicing, whats the details I need to provide?


Yes, there is a budget for materials. We have a total of up to 24k to cover all projects. Could you make a list of all the items you would like to buy, and what they would cost?


Ok, so this is the list so far. I’m swinging back and forth to get the stuff done at Bromma Stål, but I’m not sure how expensive this would be.


Ok, this sounds good and it’s confirmed. If you could find it at Bauhaus or XLBygg that would be best since we have a company account there and can buy things on invoice. Sorry about not mentioning that earlier!
I’m traveling for work now, but if Hampus or Linnea are in the house they tell you how to do the orders.


I had a look at XLBygg, and I can’t find much at all from my shoping list there. The sites are specific for each store, and its like a 4-5 clicks to change store, and then do another search. So far I have found 0 vinkelprofiler, which I need.

Bauhaus has most of the stuff I need, but they are way pricier. They don’t have any vinkelprofiler in steel over 25x25mm and I need 30x30 or larger. They do have aluminum ones, but they are 3 times as expensive (309:- for 40x40 vs 119:- for 30x30).

Looking around and there are way less of things I need, the dimensions and such. So neither of those two works for me. Are these two stores the only alternatives?
ping @hampus and @Linnea



You can still order from any store. In that case, use the Blivande card that @hampus has.

You can also buy from wherever yourself and we will reimburse you.


Thanks for the help so far Hugi.
I have updated the budget with an added tarp (4x5m to used with the iglo, it can be kept with the iglo as floor after BL), added more tätningslist and changed up some steel beam to aluminium.

I think the eaiest solution is to Hampus to purchase this online and then have me collect it at Hornbach on sunday.


This makes the new total 1138,00.
@hugi, is this still OK?
I’m ending up buying this myself rather then with Hampus help, since you can either reserve and pick up items at the store (after 4 hours), or pay and pick up at the store 4 days later. And since I need the stuff by Sunday, I have to reserve and pick up. So I’ll save the receipts.


Yes, that’s absolutely fine.


Ok, as time goes on so does the need of more stuff.

2 sets of epoxy glue (2x99.90) 199.80
Box for storing computer/amplifier/power https://m.clasohlson.com/se/Förvaringslåda/Pr443001005 69,90


Yup, approved! Go for it.


I woyld like to get a can of spray paint in gold. I giess 70-100sek for this. Will try in central stockholm since time is short. Ok @hugi?


Yes, it’s ok, you do that.


Ok, to tally things up then:
Hornbach: 1243:- (alu plate and some screws added)
Clas Ohlson: 269,89:-
Kreatima: 129,90 (gold paint)
Total 1642,78:-