Dreams admin user guide



The dreams platform allows the participants of an event to themselves allocate budget to the projects they find interesting. Each participant is allocated an amount of grants, the value of which is set by the event admins, and then can freely distribute these between the different dreams.

Some dreams might require pre-funding, which means allocating them a certain amount of grants before the public granting process begins. This is to allow and encourage the organisation to include all aspects of the event on the platform, which heightens transparency and broadens the understanding of how the budget of the event is being used.


  • You define the budget of your event under “Granting settings” in the Granting/About section.
  • You can then go into a dream and press the button “Pre-fund”, to allocate a certain amount to that dream.
  • If you do not allocate the maximum amount of grants the dream is asking for, it can still receive more grants in the public granting round.
  • Examples of use cases for this:
    • Toilets that are necessary for the event to run. The cost of renting toilets would be pregranted as this necessity should not be a part of the public granting. However, decoration of the toilets is not necessary, but a nice to have, which can be covered by the public granting.


  • You decide on what date the public granting run should start and when it should end. Make sure that this date is communicated clearly to the participants, so they have time to finalize their dreams.
  • At this date you can either manually approve all dreams for granting, or batch approve them.
  • The participants then has the allocated window to distribute their grants between the dreams they find most interesting.

Post granting process

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