Dreamers in Residence


This summer, we will have up members of the Borderland temporarily joining Tau for the summer! This program has been funded by the Borderland, so we are able to offer them a special membership for only 500 SEK for the entire summer. Please welcome them! I will try to get everyone to introduce themselves in this thread.

We all know it takes quite a bit of effort to bring our dreams to the Borderland, and it can often seem daunting to figure out how to follow through with our great summer ambitions. So let’s do it together!

In the lead up to the Borderland and other summer events in our community, House Blivande in Stockholm will become a platform for us to prototype our dreams in an atmosphere of co-everything: -creation, -design, -munity.

Blivande will be offering 10 dreamer-in-residence* memberships available to anyone with a dream on the page to the atelier and makerspace Studio Tau. These will be at rates that only cover utilities (500 SEK for the whole summer). This gives you access to the workshops, including a wide range of good woodworking tools, a textile room with two sewing machines (one industrial and one that can do embroidery from digital patterns) and an electronics workshop.

And the Node will, as usual, be open for workshops, planning, and other playtimes.

Let’s get a head start our plans and ßecome the ßorderlings we’re meant to be!


Our first dreamer in residence is @Bjorn! Welcome! :slight_smile:

What will you be working on and can people help you somehow?


Hi, I will be making my dream (https://dreams.theborderland.se/dreams/660). I am looking forward to some help; I need to figure out how Im doing my support for the pyramid. Right now Im going toward a kind of ”glass table support”, ei a frame (steel?) that the bottom mirror square lay in, and then an pyramid frame on top and the side panels can then rest on. This probably in wood. Then on top of this, to hold it down, a metal frame that clamps down on the sides of the pyramid, holding everything together. Im again not sure this is the best way, but its my working theisis right now.

Not sure how I make the bottom 1x1m frame, if it should be welded (I cant weld, and not sure there is one at Tau?), or screwed together. Ideal the bottom should have detachable and adjustable legs to raise up the pyramid, and make it level on uneven ground. Some kind of telescope system perhaps.

I also need to work out what kind of material the inner support pyramid frame should be. I did think of reinforced 3d printed plastic, but again I have no experience in that. If I go with the wood path, I need to get good wood pieces, and then saw them at precise angles (havent operated a saw like that since 9th grade).

Oh, and if there is someone who has a dome laying around that I could use as environment protection that would be awsome!

Lots of exciting challenges :slight_smile:


EDIT: Gah my whole post disappeared. Starting over:

@elch is our community’s go-to welder. Professionally so!

@Ollxor is very experienced with building domes and has created Strawbees Mega which is a system to very easily construct PVC-domes. He has one such dome lying around at Tau. Maybe he could lend or sell it to you? Not sure about a cover for it, you would probably have to make your own. But the textile room comes in handy then!

There’s also an unused Garden Igloo somewhere in our community. Might even be stored in the Blivande basement. Will look for it. https://www.coolstuff.se/Garden-Igloo

Keep us updated and never hesitate to ask for help! Welcome to Tau!


Our next Dreamer in Residence is @antonfrisk! A warm welcome :slight_smile:

What will you be working on?


Hi Everyone!

I will be working on the Deco, Stage and lighting for The Glade. The Glade (Gläntan) is a mystical sound stage, hidden away deep in the forest where creatures of the Nordic folk-lore dwell and dance the night away. The dream has 13 co-creators at the moment, and many more acts that will play on our stage.
So I will be making both costumes, mystical decorations, smaller Led-light installations and perhaps some of the stage structure. We are still hammering out the details and concept arts so a more precise project plan is TBD.

So happy to get to join! See you in the house :blush::black_heart:


Great to have you here, master of Spancakes!


'ooho Merci monsieur! :pancakes: Very delighted to be 'ere!


Regarding igloo, we testbuilt the one you talked about Hampus this weekend, and there are enough parts (a few extras actually). We color coded the parts so its easier to assemble too.

Still need some way to anchor it, need to think about this.

Regarding welding. If I want to make a 1x1m frame from steel profiles (if possbile also an L profile, to be able to lay down a board inside the frame and keep it from falling to the ground), is this something @elch could help me with? Any idea on what it would cost me?
I also think I would want steel or aluminum pieces, bent at very specific angles (116deg I belive). about 2-3cm on both sides (think L-shaped but not 90deg angles). Does anyone have any idéa where I would get this done, I assume there is a need for special tool to do this (I need them to be about 91cm long). Googeling "Plåtverkstad Stockholm doesn’t give me much help, mostly car shops …

Thank you all for all the help so far, its really coming along =)


This is how the prototype looks so far btw


Looks great Björn! It would be better in its own thread though, rather than in this introduction-post for new members. Can you please fork it @hugi or make me moderator so I can take care of it.