Dream Workshop for Always Becoming

The “Always Becoming Festival” on Frihamnstorget will be a co-creational one. This means the community creates it together. You as a member can contribute and use this as an opportunity to realize a dream project of yours! Always wanted to build the best 5 people hammock? A sensor-controlled projection mapping artwork for a whole container park? A see-through sauna? A VR Bodyswap Music experience? Realize your dream with us for this festival!

To enable this we have built the Dreams Platform.

Everyone who holds a ticket to the festival can fill in a short form with the title, description and budget of your dream. The whole community votes on how to contribute the funds from the ticket sales to help you to realize that dream. (If you have experience with the concept of “dreams” from the borderland festival, we are building upon that, if not, no problem, we will explain everything you need to know and it is very easy to use :))

During this call, we will introduce you to the new and improved platform. We will explain how to use it, how to set up your dream, and what to be aware of.

Join us and get your dream out there! See you on Zoom!