Door locking solution

Any ideas for making so the back door locks by default?

Probably we should add a reminder sign, but people will stick occasionally forget. Is there any iLoq solution where the lock can lock itself or is locked by default?

If not, any ideas? Perhaps we could put some electronic contraption on the back that will beep annoyingly if the door isn’t locked?


Nope, I’ve done pretty thorough research on this and also taken in consultants from security companies and locksmiths. The alternatives all have major downsides that make them very difficult in our current situation, but in different ways.

The self-locking doors/cylinders (like the one we have on the narrow door by the main entrance) are quite simple to manipulate/open. They also void our insurance coverage as they are not certified by insurance companies (yes, this is a potentially big problem that we have to solve).

The other way to go is to install electronically controlled motor cylinders (this is basically what all companies use), but these are super expensive. Just the locking mechanism itself can cost +15000 and then you have all the installation, pulling cables etc. Ends up 20-30 K per door. Luckily we have 1-2 of these locks saved from the doors being thrown out, but it will still cost a shitload of money to get this installed for all doors. It’s not just the locks themselves but also control systems with timers, connection to fire alarm for automatic unlocking responses etc.

A further complicating aspect here is that we run events, which limits us legally in terms of what locks we can have installed. It’s not legal for us to have self-locking mechanisms that can’t be opened from the inside with emergency “panic handles” etc. And if they can be opened from the inside by anyone the insurance companies again won’t cover us. So that basically would force us to have double cylinders in all doors (one electronically controlled system + a manual one that can only be opened or locked with some kind of key or equivalent). The cost of that will have to be added on top of the cost for the machine locks. It’s a real pain in the ass. And you’re still back to having the centralized need of a person in charge of “locking up and closing down for the night”. Which of course doesn’t gel well with our type of house, business and community.

At least we have cameras now so I can control who it is that forgets to lock doors and remind and/or reprimand them until they learn. But YES, notes to remind people on all doors is absolutely something that would help and that we should produce.

Wow, I love how consistently something simple like a door-lock can devolve into something stupidly complex. Fun :slight_smile:

Why would the insurance company care if people on the inside can unlock the door? Aren’t all doors unlockable from the inside in one way or another?

Yay, so fun! :slight_smile:
Again, it might also just turn out that ultimately it’s just turtles all the way down. Alas, uncertified ones, of course.

No, not all locks are unlockable from the inside (without a key or equivalent). You can have double cylinders where you need a key from each side. The reason is simply to raise the bar and cause delays for a burglar. If they can simply break a window and then twist a knob to open the main door from the inside and empty the whole building into a truck then it’s not OK in the eyes of an insurance company.