Does someone have a small transporter/bigbig car one could borrow this saturday?

Hello dear people,

I wanted to ask if someone has a big van or small transporter that we could borrow for Saturday?

We had planned to use Ants electric car, but apparently there are technical difficulties. Theo’s car is too small since we have to move a few small furniture items (nothing crazy like a sore, but still too much for a normal car).

I have tried to find a classical car renting option since we know that there are problems with the electric car, but now everything is fully booked.

Anyone has a car, or knows someone with a car that would fit the bill? (of course, we would refill the tank and also swish for using the car :))

I borrowed the van from Folk Lab for 5 days, we paid 2000 SEK + tax. Possibly you could get a nicer deal, most likely. Ask them!

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Thank you very much, but we have an alternative now. Booked something last night :slight_smile: