DIY hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is running low all around town. What most people don’t know is that it is pretty easy to make your own WHO-approved hand sanitizer from ingredients that are very unlikely to go out of stock.

My colleague @matthias just posted this on the Edgeryders platform:

Should we make a big batch for Blivande and Noden? We could have people bring their own pocket-sized refill bottles and encourage use. From the looks of it, it would probably cost Blivande less than
1 SEK per 50 ml.

@Thedodod, you order this sort of stuff for your work right? What’s a good place to order from?

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We should sell it at 100x market price from out of one of the containers… Maybe walk around town as well with trenchcoats that open up to reveal dozens of small hand sanitizer bottles hanging like fake watches…


Hi @hampus do you guys sell these now?

Nope. Do you need some?