Design Meeting Next Week

We need to start thinking around the exterior design of our “front” containers, A, B and C. If we should paint them and how, where we put our and containertjänst logos, etc. I propose we have a meeting beginning next of next week for whoever wants to get involved. Monday 26th at 15?

Here is the current setup:

Elevations of container A, B and C in order:

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Things to discuss:

  • Overall look
  • Do we want to paint text Blivande and/or Frihamnstorget etc?
  • Where do we put logos of Containertjänst and other possible sponsors?
  • Cafe container “window” opening - how should it look?

Moving the meeting to tomorrow at 17 so Nicke can join.

Tomorrow Tue then just to be clear? Better to write it out. I have a guided tour of Blivande for a prospective new member at 18 but will join for the first hour.

Containertjänst-logo is a question of negotiation and I’m still waiting for Rikard’s response to my email about what we could offer. I think we will need a physical meeting between all of us to make that happen and decide on the specifics. We should offer them a concrete package then.

I think it would make sense with a model where different sponsors can either sponsos the project as a whole (more expensive and more visible) or adopt a single container.

It’s problematic that I’m not receiving these notifications even after telling Gmail that they are not spam. I would have answered this directly then.

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In the meetings we’ve had with CT so far we have promised their logo on a container, so that’s already part of the deal so we should plan for it I think.

Yes, tomorrow Tuesday at 16ish.

Yes, somewhere, but it hasn’t been clear where and how. I personally think it would be too much to display it large on the most visible container given their involvement so far. We’ve generated business for them already with Toby buying expensive ones where they still retain a good profit margin even with the discount given. And they are probably making at least some money on our shitty ones as well, or at least it doesn’t cost them anything.

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Agree! We never promised them a specific placement. Could be beneath the floor

Or in the offline VR version? Nah, they deserve to be shown of course, I just think they need to do more in order to get a prime location. We shouldn’t underestimate the value we can offer.

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Meeting today at 17.

Great meeting. Here are the main takeaways:
Overall look: Keep original paint, sandblast shapes/letters and let rust.
Cafe Container window opening: Two “eyes”, each on one side. People can see through the container. One big ring to symbolise the silhouette of the iris.
Placement: Changes according to picture below.
Other: Neon workshop sometime this fall to make several signs. Separate conversation of where we put logos and what our system around sponsorship is. Allow for future iterations where artists paints all of it.

Sketch over cafe opening and technique for text. The typography and text will of course not be this boring, this is a placeholder.


Yay for my eye kitchen 2.0! 13938249_10153595938896946_4475429393349521919_o


Loving it!

Loving it! Keep me updated on when is a good time to do the flooring for A.

Birk’s (from now on known as BamBam) 2 cents - “Sand blasting is usually more trouble than it’s worth depending on machine. Since you have to clean away the sand, and with the paint it is kinda dangerous waste. Depending on paint”
No experience with it personally but figured I’d pass on the info. I’m sure you guys have it under control :slight_smile:

I’ve built the bottom structure for the flooring now, but we need to properly wash the inside before we assemble everything. I think we should pressure wash it, god knows what’s been transported in it. However we still don’t have any water, so we’d need to wait for that unless someone is up for the bucket and sponge solution.

Good points. The paint used in these containers is most likely very old (some of the containers are from the 70’s) and not very friendly.

Let´s have an UPDATE-session on the DESIGN-task
Status-brief from Jacob. Collective task-list forward.

Hi, I am not sure what you are asking for?

Läste tråden ovan och undrar vad som fortsatt behöver göras, utvecklas och hur processen framåt ser ut?

Detta är en gammal tråd från innan den 21a september! Inte så relevant längre :slight_smile:

Försöker bara få lite koll på nuläge och tasks framöver. Har du lust att dra lite info om det på mötet onsdag? ( vad som är sagt och om något kvarstår och tankar om hur vi går vidare med design/Kollektiv utformning) Du vet nog mäst trots allt.