Deploying Issues

I’ve been trying to deploy to vercel so I can share the work with other team members and I’m failing with the following:

All serverless functions created in: 5739.840ms
Error: No more than 12 Serverless Functions can be added to a Deployment on the Hobby plan. Create a team (Pro plan) to deploy more. Learn more:

Am I doing this correctly? From reading it I understand I need to upgrade to the Pro plan in order to create some staging server for my testing.

Another question - Not sure if this is the right place to ask but where did you deploy your mongodb? Was that directly using Or AWS or some other cloud provider?

Ping @gustav

Did not know about this limit! Looks like we’re grandfathered onto an old free plan that did not have this limit.

Since every page creates it’s own serverless function and we we’re at 13 in total, I removed the create-dream page, which I’ve planned to do anyway, and replaced it with a modal (with just a title as the input). So that should put us below the limit and deploying should work.

I think it’s time get off Vercel and use a more “traditional” deployment setup asap.

Yep, we’re currently using a free MongoDB Atlas plan, in the AWS region eu-central-1 which should be closest to the Vercel region bru1

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I see. That did fixed it. Deployed successfully :white_check_mark:
Thank you.

What kind of “traditional” deployment setup are you referring to? I’m curious.

Not really sure yet :smiley: , input or thoughts about this would be great. But in an ideal world it would be nice to have something that could unify deployment for realities, dreams, pretix etc. If that involves Docker and AWS, Azure or Heroku, I don’t really know. I was recently recommended dokku which looks interesting.

Vercel is “serverless” and on the one hand I really like the platform, its pretty simple, easy to get going and you don’t pay for servers that are running but not doing anything, but there are some limitations and trade-offs. You need to handle databases somewhere else etc. And it feels like a bit of a lock-in too.

Would be nice to be able to easily add something like imaginary for image processing and store images in something like an AWS bucket, to not rely on external image processing services like cloudinary for example. I guess we can do that today too, but it would be nice to not have everything scattered around in different places :slight_smile:

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I have another big Jamstack next.js app deployed to Heroku and it’s working quite well.
One thing we see with Vercel is their free plan limitation of 12 serverless function aka 12 pages - that might be solved on Heroku.
I know Heroku is not as cool as Vercel :wink: but it’s been working well for us with a simple deploy process.
Would have a look into the other suggestions here.

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