Dedicated weekly Tau day!


I’m available on Tuesday.


Let’s plan for Tuesday then. Any preference when?


@LinearMilk, @MariaEuler and I had a meeting tonight about the tools. Mainly we spent time on the dictum-website researching Festool tools and adding them to the cart. We’re currently at around 2800 euros excl. VAT. Some tools are currently out-of-stock for a couple of weeks.

To check out the cart in its current state just log in to our dictum account. Feedback is very welcome!

I will send a copy of it to Adrian tomorrow and hear what he has to say.


I am not in town today but @hampus did you check on the CNC router ?
Which thread is for the power tools ? I also wanna give my 2 cents to that.


Anyone planning to be in Tau tomorrow afternoon and/or evening for some fixing? I’m currently working on the storage room and could use some help there. There won’t be a WIP evening on Friday due to Mike’s big party (which you should all come to!).