Dedicated weekly Tau day!


At Blivande we’ve now started running on a weekly schedule where we have designated days in the house (09-17). My days will be Tue-Thu and so I’ve made a preliminary decision to make Wednesdays my set day where I will spend as much time as possible focusing on the development of Tau. Is Wed a day that works for most of you?

My suggestion and pledge would be to make myself available for Tau work and guidance from say 16 to 20 so that it caters both to people inside or outside of office hours. Another option would be to give it three hours before noon and three hours in the evening, so as to maximise the possible attendance.

Any thoughts on this suggestion?


I’m guessing @LinearMilk could coordinate his eventual wood workshop trainings with this :slight_smile:

Also, heads up to @Jan_vL


Yes! That’s a great idea. What say you mr @LinearMilk?


Wednesday evening is perfect for me. Let’s get in touch tomorrow!


I think he’s still abroad for another week.


Cool! Do you have my phone number?


I was actually going to suggest that we should have something like that. Wednesdays would work very well for me. How about next week @hugi @hampus?


Works for me. Say 18:00?
@hampus, @Jan_vL, @MariaEuler?


Happy to make Wednesday evenings for TAU part of my weekly plan :slight_smile:


Great! This would be the third Wed in a row that we’re doing it. I’ll be reserving 15-20 so that people can join in both during and after office hours. Come whenever you can and want to!


Wed evening I have time. Usually 18-21.


Hopefully the wave of sickness is over :slight_smile:
Anybody else coming tomorrow for weekly Tau day?


Yes! I will be there, with our electrician friend Kevin, looking at where to install three phase electricity for the tools and machines that need it.


Great! I will prepare a suggested layout and list of tools to get from Dictum to get us started.


I’ll be there as well. You can basically count on me being there practically every Wednesday given that it’s one of my “shift days” in the house where I’m present from 09 in the morning until at least 18 (when the Node time starts). On Wed I’m more likely to hang around until 20 or so due it being Tau Day!


Bah, I have to cancel today. Something very important personally came up. When can I catch you guys again, possibly before next Tau day? I want to get the tools ordered asap, which was something I was hoping to discuss in detail today.


No problem!

Tomorrow before 13 or Tue next week for me personally. I’ll be in Gothenburg Fri-Mon. What’s your availability @hugi


I’m pretty overworked right now, so it might have to wait until Wednesday next week in that case.


@hug How about Tuesday next week? i It would be much better for me.


It’s important that @hampus is in these discussions too since I know pretty much nothing about tools, so let’s check with his availability