Decorations in main room

Hey! I’d like to photograph a sculpture over the fireplace in the main room. I would move the decorations on the fireplace, drill one hole, photograph, fill the hole, then put the items back. Any objections?

Id like to do this tomorrow and have everything as it was before free flow starts.

@Joannis-Magnus @hampus

Just so you know, there is a photoshoot of the building planned for friday. so it would be great if things look good by then too :slight_smile:

What do you mean by drilling a hole? Into what? The fireplace itself?

Hey! I didn’t do this last Friday, but would still like to. I would hang my piece using four frame-like holders that require two screws each. If this is a big deal, I can ask to borrow Cecilia’s wall.

Still don’t understand what it is you want to screw into… :slight_smile:
The fireplace brick chimney/murstock? The “limträ”/glued wood beam in the ceiling? @asapienza

We are taking Fotos for the Blivande website in the main area this Friday, so it would be good to not change anything there on that day.

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What times? I should be present so we can make representative setups of furniture for conferences etc.

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Will ping you in the planning thread.

Ah-ha, I understand. The chimney itself. Is it solid brick? Have you ever tried to hang anything there?